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The Ultimate ADHD Guide – 10 Steps To Master Your ADHD

I fell in love a few years ago with the show Orange Is the New Black. Yes, I promise this is going somewhere, stick with me. One of the funniest moments in that show is when the main character Piper purchases a book to tell her what to expect when she goes to prison. She…

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ADHD Medication: 3 Counters for the Controversy

Where do I stand in the ADHD medication debate? You can have my ADHD medication when you pry it from my cold, dead, still-protesting fingers. Medication has helped me manage my ADHD like never before, and it can help you too. Here's some info to give the naysayers.

Controversy: ADHD medication, is it necessary? ADHD medication will always be controversial. People like to make simple topics controversial. I like a little controversy myself. As many of you know, my favorite musician was/is/will likely always be Prince. He was a fan of the controversy too. Not only was he a fan, he even wrote…

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Depressed? Reconnect With Your Feelings

Feel? Depression doesn’t really involve that Depression is a beast, as we have been discussing. I think Tin man in the Wiz said it well when he asked “What would I do I’d I could feel?” We imagine that one day our emotions will thaw out and life will become wonderful again. The feeling of…

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Unhappy? Don’t Panic: Five Places to Avoid

Unhappy . . . And ok? I’m unhappy. If you couldn’t tell, go back and read the post from Monday. I am stressed to the maximum. You know what though? It is perfectly ok. See, somewhere along the lines of trying to keep a lid on this ADHD madness I think I’ve become scared of…

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How An ADHD Diagnosis Transformed Me

An ADHD diagnosis can change your life. My ADHD diagnosis certainly changed mine. Three years ago I wrote this post, and boy has my life changed. Since then, I have moved, changed my career, switched up my circle, and life is completely different. I still remember how it felt when I sat down at my…

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