ADHD Medication: 3 Counters for the Controversy

Controversy: ADHD medication, is it necessary? ADHD medication will always be controversial. People like to make simple topics controversial. I like a little controversy myself. As many of you know, my favorite musician was/is/will likely always be Prince. He was a fan of the controversy too. Not only was he a fan, he even wrote … Continue reading ADHD Medication: 3 Counters for the Controversy

Undisclosed Podcast Episode 5

The grass isn't any greener When I sat down to write the recap for episode 5, I was somewhat at a loss. Ok, backup. "Sat down to write" isn't really accurate. My process is more organic; things occur to me and I make a mental note of them and move forward. Those thoughts shape themselves … Continue reading Undisclosed Podcast Episode 5

Mental Health Isn’t “For Whites Only”

Being black can put you in a precarious situation. It is a slippery slope where you are constantly being accused of either being "too black" or the ever-dreaded "too white." So far in my life, I have been told more times than I care to get into that I'm just not black enough. All of … Continue reading Mental Health Isn’t “For Whites Only”