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7 Sneaky Ways Abusive People Used ADHD to Bully Me

It’s not just ADHD awareness month; it’s also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Let’s talk about how people use verbal abuse to weaponize our ADHD symptoms. Verbal abuse can play a part in many of our journeys; you’ve heard that people with ADHD receive much more negative messages than the average person. For some of us,…

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But What Do You Do? Managing a Household and Mental Load as an ADHD Woman

This is a vent of sorts because I’m so tired of seeing women live up under the guilt and shame of these issues. Bear with me. Once upon a time, I was in a relationship where I had the responsibility of running a household. There were two adults and two children to coordinate transportation. I…

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How ADHD Coaching Will Actually Empower You & Build Confidence You Can See

When I talk about ADHD, I often talk about how we’re given a diagnosis, handed some meds (if meds are a tool we plan to use) and then we’re told to go forth and be great. That’s cool and all, and for a while that worked really well for me. However, after a while that…

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How to Guard Your Yes (and know when you haven’t been doing it!)

Learning to say no puts you in charge of your time and other resources. I call this practice “guard your yes with your life.” When you’ve learned to guard your yes, you feel a MILLION times better because you’re not as overwhelmed as you once were. Boundaries are essential to your health and happiness. They…

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What You Need To Overcome Shame with ADHD

How shame with ADHD begins A life with untreated ADHD is a life with many inconsistencies. With those inconsistencies in mind, shame with ADHD soon follows. We are more likely to have bad credit, wrecked marriages, messy houses, and ruined careers. We have difficulty showing up on time, following through when we say we will,…

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Taking ADHD Medication Is A Complex Process

Taking ADHD medication is helpful to the condition, but sometimes getting the prescription feels like an uphill battle. We’re getting to be pretty good friends, so I’m going to tell you about my HUGE fail the other day. ADHD medication is NOT so easy to acquire If you didn’t know this already, taking ADHD medication…

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My New Year’s Resolution Is To Say No

Impulsivity has led me to say yes when I should be saying no. I hate disappointing people, but I have got to learn to say no. That's my resolution for the year. Let me tell you why it should be yours, too. | Black Girl, Lost Keys.

My New Year’s Resolution Is To Say NO This post contains affiliate links to products that I think you won’t want to say no to. 🙂 OK, I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t have a problem with self-improvement in any way, but it should come naturally. I don’t need the…

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ADHD and Weight Loss: Why The Bulge Won’t Budge

There is a link between ADHD and Obesity and you are not the only person struggling with it. Read on to find out what puts you at a higher risk for obesity, and how you can begin working the weight off. This isn't an easy, but you got this! | Black Girl, Lost Keys.

Chubby. Plus-Sized. Big Girl. Big Boned. I could fill a book with all of the descriptors that I have heard to describe a woman with some extra weight. Of all of the things I have discovered about weight loss, the link between ADHD and obesity was one of my favorites ( another was the percentage…

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