My New Year’s Resolution Is To Say No

My New Year?s Resolution Is To Say NO This post contains affiliate links to products that I think you won't want to say no to. đŸ™‚ OK, I?m not a big fan of New Year?s Resolutions. I don?t have a problem with self-improvement in any way, but it should come naturally. I don?t need the … Continue reading My New Year’s Resolution Is To Say No

ADHD and Weight Loss: Why The Bulge Won’t Budge

Chubby. Plus-Sized. Big Girl. Big Boned. I could fill a book with all of the descriptors that I have heard to describe a woman with some extra weight. Of all of the things I have discovered about weight loss, the link between ADHD and obesity was one of my favorites ( another was the percentage … Continue reading ADHD and Weight Loss: Why The Bulge Won’t Budge

5 Reasons To Reclaim Your Time

"Reclaiming my time" was the shot heard around the world last week. For me, it solidified something I need to proclaim publicly. It's time to reclaim your time. I've adopted Maxine Waters. She doesn't know it, but she is my spiritual guide, my trusted adviser, and one of my favorite aunties. There is nothing I … Continue reading 5 Reasons To Reclaim Your Time

ADHD Medication: 3 Counters for the Controversy

Controversy: ADHD medication, is it necessary? ADHD medication will always be controversial. People like to make simple topics controversial. I like a little controversy myself. As many of you know, my favorite musician was/is/will likely always be Prince. He was a fan of the controversy too. Not only was he a fan, he even wrote … Continue reading ADHD Medication: 3 Counters for the Controversy

Imbalanced Relationships?

Crazy Making Behaviors Relationships make me crazy. It's the small realizations in life that sometimes make the biggest impact. Sometimes I over commit. I'm not talking about workload this time, I'm talking about people. There is nothing that ties my stomach into knots and sends my thoughts racing like relationships. There's no point in denying … Continue reading Imbalanced Relationships?

Depression Plays Dirty

Disclaimer: This post talks about a rather embarrassing part of mental illness, one that a lot of people hide because society tells them they should be ashamed of it. If you know someone like this, encourage them instead.? Clinical depression takes away your desire and concern about life. It doesn't care about niceties like social … Continue reading Depression Plays Dirty