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What You Need To Overcome Shame with ADHD

How shame with ADHD begins A life with untreated ADHD is a life with many inconsistencies. With those inconsistencies in mind, shame with ADHD soon follows. We are more likely to have bad credit, wrecked marriages, messy houses, and ruined careers. We have difficulty showing up on time, following through when we say we will,…

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Taking ADHD Medication Is A Complex Process

Taking ADHD medication is helpful to the condition, but sometimes getting the prescription feels like an uphill battle. We’re getting to be pretty good friends, so I’m going to tell you about my HUGE fail the other day. ADHD medication is NOT so easy to acquire If you didn’t know this already, taking ADHD medication…

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ADHD Medication: 3 Counters for the Controversy

Where do I stand in the ADHD medication debate? You can have my ADHD medication when you pry it from my cold, dead, still-protesting fingers. Medication has helped me manage my ADHD like never before, and it can help you too. Here's some info to give the naysayers.

Controversy: ADHD medication, is it necessary? ADHD medication will always be controversial. People like to make simple topics controversial. I like a little controversy myself. As many of you know, my favorite musician was/is/will likely always be Prince. He was a fan of the controversy too. Not only was he a fan, he even wrote…

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Depressed? Reconnect With Your Feelings

Feel? Depression doesn’t really involve that Depression is a beast, as we have been discussing. I think Tin man in the Wiz said it well when he asked “What would I do I’d I could feel?” We imagine that one day our emotions will thaw out and life will become wonderful again. The feeling of…

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Move On Up: You Survive, Now Thrive

Get Off the Ground Floor and Thrive I’ll be talking about how to thrive. I will, but I gotta give you some backstory first: I was born an old soul and I’ll remain one until the end. In other words I’m a little old lady at 32. I watch old people stuff and I listen…

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3 Ways ADHD Coaching Can Help

ADHD Coaching? What the heck is that? Are they like a life coach? Let me give you a quick overview. ADHD Coaching is working with an individual who helps you to manage your ADHD and work on developing your skills to meet your goals. 1. In ADHD Coaching your goals are clearly defined. One of…

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Consistently Inconsistent


As always, I’m grateful you have come to listen to what I have to say. Just leaving a quick note to say if you know someone, whether you love or hate them or are just tired of their ADHD having behind, drop them the URL. If you’re loving what you read, like?Black Girl, Lost Keys…

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