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Adventures in ADHD

Stagnation may have been killing me. I was traveling to the same place to talk to the same people and do the same thing every day. Time to make a change. 

 Why is it so necessary? Well folks, it’s simple: stimulation. New energy. I LIVE for new experiences. I need them. I get moody and depressed when I haven’t done anything new in a while. How do I keep forgetting this about myself? It’s this perpetual learning process. You move forward in one place, slightly back in another, trying to achieve the greater balance. 

Not every change has to be life altering. Do something new. The daily irritations were a little less irritating. It’s amazing what a little perspective can do, and the catalyst for a different perspective is change. So if you’re anywhere near as bored as I was, I’m encouraging you to change something. Change your hairstyle, change your morning routine, change your bedroom around. Something has to keep the energy flowing. Let’s not stagnate, people. Try these three for starters if you aren’t sure where to begin: 

  • Read a new book. Audiobooks count too.
  • Go for a walk in a new place: it could be anywhere, just move away from your current surroundings
  • Call a friend and go DO something. 

It’s so basic, but I believe the simplicity is what makes it so easy to forget. I want to hear from you, too. What activities can we do/how can we tell when things are getting a little stale?

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