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ADHD Time Management Troubles: 5 Areas To Attack!

Are you struggling with ADHD time management? You’re not alone. Many people with ADHD struggle to manage their time, estimate time, and get things done on time. We lose track of time, don’t estimate the amount of time we need to finish tasks well, or don’t arrive at places on time. We get distracted and…

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Changing My Perspective on Time Management Once and For All

ADHD and time management is a problem for many who suffer from the disorder. You CAN learn how to manage your time, you just have to learn to think differently about it. Here's how I did it!

ADHD and time management has been a serious challenge for me. My life has been in upheaval for the past five or six years. See, in that time I’ve had two nervous breakdowns changed jobs four times got married got divorced got diagnosed changed diagnoses and yeah, it has been a lot. Learning how to…

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