Undisclosed Podcast Episode 5

The grass isn't any greener When I sat down to write the recap for episode 5, I was somewhat at a loss. Ok, backup. "Sat down to write" isn't really accurate. My process is more organic; things occur to me and I make a mental note of them and move forward. Those thoughts shape themselves … Continue reading Undisclosed Podcast Episode 5

He must have a horseshoe: Adnan is NOT unlucky

Dana, I know you don't agree with me. I know the evidence, presented as it is, could make your case for you. That in order to wind up in prison for the rest of his life in these circumstances would have to make him very unlucky. Adnan Syed is the one of the luckiest men … Continue reading He must have a horseshoe: Adnan is NOT unlucky

Adnan and the Beauty of Boredom

The case of Adnan Syed has seen?some progress this week, as those who have religiously followed the podcast and its aftermath are well aware. The State of Maryland unsurprisingly intends to fight Adnan's appeal, so we wait for the court's decision with bated breath. The podcast brought us many experiences, but even after Sarah Koenig; … Continue reading Adnan and the Beauty of Boredom