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5 Ways ADHD Relationships are Remarkable

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and that has me thinking about love and ADHD relationships. I think about love a lot, especially after enduring a divorce. I spent a lot of time after that divorce wondering if love was something I would ever find again. After all, it isn’t easy to be in love when…

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Women with ADHD: Stop cheating yourselves

Women with ADHDWomen with ADHD this post is for you, my sisters. The first step to solving a problem is always to call it out. We do not have to earn our keep. We get caught up too often in the need to perform instead of being who we are. There are so many things…

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Imbalanced Relationships?

Crazy Making Behaviors Relationships make me crazy. It’s the small realizations in life that sometimes make the biggest impact. Sometimes I over commit. I’m not talking about workload this time, I’m talking about people. There is nothing that ties my stomach into knots and sends my thoughts racing like relationships. There’s no point in denying…

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