ADHD and Time: Getting Over CPT

ADHD and time management has been a serious challenge for me. My life has been in upheaval for the past five or six years. See, in that time I've had two nervous breakdowns changed jobs four times got married got divorced got diagnosed changed diagnoses and yeah, it has been a lot. Learning how to … Continue reading ADHD and Time: Getting Over CPT

New Year’s Resolution and Unnecessary Change

So there is a little change. It's 2017! We made it! If I didn't say it already, welcome to 2017. That year we don't need to talk about is over, which is ALSO a welcome change. I'm going to kick the year off with a confession: I hate New Years resolutions. Yes, really. Honestly, truly. … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution and Unnecessary Change

ADHD: The Christmas Caper

Navigating the world of ADHD from an African American perspective. Sounds lofty, doesn't it? I thought so. I imagined hipsters coming to view and marvel over how I manage to work my way through life with what some people consider to be a disability (I don't know about this disability thing- more on that later). … Continue reading ADHD: The Christmas Caper