Self-Sacrifice Is NOT Your Salvation!

Paying the Price for Self-Sacrifice Self-sacrifice has a high cost. Unless you're from a different planet (in that case, welcome), you have seen The Hunger Games. I loved these movies, and my favorite scene is still when Katniss throws herself into the games to save her sister. ?When she screams "I volunteer as tribute"? That's … Continue reading Self-Sacrifice Is NOT Your Salvation!

How To Clean Up Your Emotional Clutter

Have you ever filled the trash can past its limits? The lid won't shut anymore, you can plainly see it needs to be dumped but you keep pushing and pushing to fit more in. Why? There's a myriad of reasons: Sometimes we're too busy. Sometimes we are overwhelmed lazy. Sometimes there are too many distractions … Continue reading How To Clean Up Your Emotional Clutter

Consistently Inconsistent

As always, I'm grateful you have come to listen to what I have to say. Just leaving a quick note to say if you know someone, whether you love or hate them or are just tired of their ADHD having behind, drop them the URL. If you're loving what you read, like?Black Girl, Lost Keys … Continue reading Consistently Inconsistent

How An ADHD Diagnosis Transformed Me

An ADHD diagnosis can change your life. My ADHD diagnosis certainly changed mine. Three years ago I wrote this post, and boy has my life changed. Since then, I have moved, changed my career, switched up my circle, and life is completely different. I still remember how it felt when I sat down at my … Continue reading How An ADHD Diagnosis Transformed Me