Pinterest Fails: ADHD

Pinterest as therapy? Why not? It's late and we are all tired. Americans have had an emotional week. We said goodbye and we said hello. I don't know what the next four years will bring but I do know this: we can't lose our sense of humor. I need a good laugh. You probably need … Continue reading Pinterest Fails: ADHD

Depressed? Reconnect With Your Feelings

Feel? Depression doesn't really involve that Depression is a beast, as we have been discussing. I think Tin man in the Wiz said it well when he asked "What would I do I'd I could feel?" We imagine that one day our emotions will thaw out and life will become wonderful again. The feeling of … Continue reading Depressed? Reconnect With Your Feelings

Unhappy? Don’t Panic: Five Places to Avoid

Unhappy . . . And ok? I'm unhappy. If you couldn't tell, go back and read the post from Monday. I am stressed to the maximum. You know what though? It is perfectly ok. See, somewhere along the lines of trying to keep a lid on this ADHD madness I think I've become scared of … Continue reading Unhappy? Don’t Panic: Five Places to Avoid

Self-Sacrifice Is NOT Your Salvation!

Paying the Price for Self-Sacrifice Self-sacrifice has a high cost. Unless you're from a different planet (in that case, welcome), you have seen The Hunger Games. I loved these movies, and my favorite scene is still when Katniss throws herself into the games to save her sister. ?When she screams "I volunteer as tribute"? That's … Continue reading Self-Sacrifice Is NOT Your Salvation!

New Year’s Resolution and Unnecessary Change

So there is a little change. It's 2017! We made it! If I didn't say it already, welcome to 2017. That year we don't need to talk about is over, which is ALSO a welcome change. I'm going to kick the year off with a confession: I hate New Years resolutions. Yes, really. Honestly, truly. … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution and Unnecessary Change

A Hungry Mouth

A closed mouth doesn't get fed. Right? One of the most humbling parts of managing a diagnosis, and life in general is learning to recognize our limitations. Limitations mean having less self-sufficiency. Less self-sufficiency?means asking?for help. Spoiler alert: I?hate asking for help.? There's a saying "a closed mouth doesn't get fed," and like so many … Continue reading A Hungry Mouth

Black and Sensitive?

Black folks like to pick on each other.  Maybe it began as an alternative to eating our young,this hyper criticism that we display. We beat them up to supposedly prepare them for a world that won't appreciate them. We are hazed into adulthood, literally and figuratively.  Our weight, or looks, our smarts and our personalities … Continue reading Black and Sensitive?

3 Ways ADHD Coaching Can Help

ADHD Coaching? What the heck is that? Are they like a life coach? Let me give you a quick overview. ADHD Coaching is working with an individual who helps you to manage your ADHD and work on developing your skills to meet your goals. 1. In ADHD Coaching your goals are clearly defined. One of … Continue reading 3 Ways ADHD Coaching Can Help