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Adnan and the Beauty of Boredom

The case of Adnan Syed has seen?some progress this week, as those who have religiously followed the podcast and its aftermath are well aware. The State of Maryland unsurprisingly intends to fight Adnan’s appeal, so we wait for the court’s decision with bated breath. The podcast brought us many experiences, but even after Sarah Koenig; podcasts about podcasts; a subreddit to end all subreddits; the many testimonies of Jay Wilds; a never-ending stream of interviews from a previously “unauthorized” Prosecutor Kevin Urick; forty million downloads and broken records; legions of supporters and an SNL skit, the man behind it all can’t even listen to his own story. ?He can?only vaguely understand how his story has swept first the nation, then the world. Will Adnan ever hear Sarah instead of reading transcripts? Will Adnan ever be released from prison?

I’m tired tonight. It has been a long week. I’m back from an extended leave at my job and I’m trying to get back in the swing of things. I wanted a peaceful week, free of blunders and instead I had dinners on the run, lost paperwork and computer trouble. ?It is funny how life seems to deal you a tough hand just when you feel you need to be handled with kid gloves. Conversely, just when you expect life to hand you another unbearable blow, mercy comes seemingly out of thin air. I hope mercy shows up on Adnan’s behalf. I can’t see her face, but in my mind’s eye she looks like Rabia, then Sarah.

Think about the intimate, seemingly mundane details of our lives. We wake up when we choose to, and lay down when we are ready. We eat according to our appetite. We meet significant others: we hold hands; we kiss; we make and fall out of love. We hug to celebrate successes and weep bitterly into our loved ones’ arms when we hurt. We smile at strangers, we laugh with children. We touch. We experience. All of these beautiful, boring pieces of life that we lead.

Tonight, i listen to my husband tell a joke so old and familiar I can’t help but roll my eyes. I walk my dogs, visit a friend, eat dinner. I argue with someone on Twitter even though I shouldn’t but I just can’t stand to leave someone stagnating in their ignorance. Underneath it all, my heart swells with gratitude to The Lord for allowing me this life, and grief for my fellow-man living his days out in a maximum security prison. ?The only thing that seems to separate my fate from his is The Lord’s own plan and his grace. I want to live my life more fully; because this beautiful boring life is being denied to so many people by a biased system that often attempts but often doesn’t provide a fair trial. Tonight I want fairness. I want Adnan to sit back on an ordinary day and marvel over his own beautifully boring life.

It is time for MD to shuffle the deck and deal out some justice. #FreeAdnan

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6 thoughts on “Adnan and the Beauty of Boredom

  1. Oh, wow! This is probably the most well written post I’ve read about Serial. Thank you for this. I often think about what it must be like for Adnan to be missing out on “life” and how he deserves so much more, all that was stolen from him via lies and deceit by an unjust system (and a big ‘ol liar).

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I often think of Adnan in the course of my daily grind. I totally agree with you, it saddens me that his right to life was stolen away.

  2. Beautifully written! I saw your link on @Rabiasquare ‘s twitter feed. You said what’s in my heart. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reading and leaving your thoughts here! Come back often.

  3. Well done. A great gratitude reminder. Thanks for writing and sharing. xo

    1. Really glad it spoke to you, thank you so much!

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