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From Hail Mary to Hell Yes

Editor’s note: I had planned this post several days ago and became somewhat sidetracked by a few things. . . Two of them being the death of two more men at the hands of law enforcement. If you believe in justice, stand together and do something about it. Please help whatever way you have to do so. 

So I got a little too excited the other day. Last Thursday to be exact. Excitement of any kind tends to bring the profane out of me; so imagine my excitement when I saw Yusuf Syed (brother of Adnan) post that his brother’s conviction has been thrown out.  Three immediate thoughts:

  1. His account has been hacked, who would do that? Fuckers. 
  2. Wait . . . No, no it hasn’t. Holy shit!

Annnnd then I posted the third thought to MY page

    Then I cried. A lot. So. . .excitement. I said all of that to say this: 

    In the immortal words of Willie Wonka, we are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams. 

    We all put that dream together and watched it come to fruition. Last Thursday  we saw a miracle. . . people always expect them to happen in an instant but real life miracles are a little different. 
    In a life of tragedy and unforgiveness, dare to back hope. . . back it every time. In the meantime, I have promised to dance in the streets in Baltimore on the day of Adnan’s release. Looks like it is time to pick out an outfit. 

    Congratulations to Adnan Syed, his family, his friends and those of us who have adopted them all into our families. . . I gotta go cry again. 

    With a full heart,


    2 thoughts on “From Hail Mary to Hell Yes

    1. This is such an open-hearted post, and that is why I enjoy reading your blog.

      1. I really appreciate that, please keep reading! Tell a friend, tell a family member, tell an enemy. ???

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