Pill Pack Shaker Bottle – Black

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 These bottles will ship mid April! 

I am ALWAYS trying to remember to have my water in the same place as my pills, and I just solved that problem! This water bottle has a pill organizer right on the side, and a shaker ball so you can put your favorite powders and potions inside then mix well! It’s everything you love about the original plus more!

Dimensions: Holds 23 oz of water. Day names are printed in Braille on each capsule door. Pill container is not translucent. Materials: BPA free plastic. Please tighten the cap completely by twisting until the cap will not twist anymore, otherwise the bottle may leak.

Warning: Please keep out of the reach of small children as this is not a pill organizer with child safety mechanisms. Please be mindful of the laws governing traveling with unlabeled medications in your area.