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S1 E1 – The Godmother of ADHD: Evelyn Polk Green

Evelyn Polk Green is our very special guest!

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Life With Lost Keys, the podcast from Black Girl, Lost Keys! We’ve been waiting forever, and we’re finally here! If you love what you hear and you’d like to support, consider heading to our Patreon or our Show BGLK Some Love page.

This episode is dedicated to René’s brother, Nelson Jackson (1992-2021), who would have turned 30 on this episode’s release date, July 1st, 2022.

About our Guest: Evelyn Polk Green, MSEd, is a past president of both ADDA, the Attention Deficit Disorder Association and CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). Evelyn is an adult with ADHD and the mother of two adult sons, Perry and Robert, both of whom have ADHD. Active in ADHD and mental health advocacy for more than 25 years she has served as a leader representing the family voice in the ADHD and mental health communities in many capacities. She was a member of the Network on Children’s Mental Health Services funded by the MacArthur Foundation. She has been focused on the challenges of ADHD in minority, poor, and other underserved populations throughout her advocacy career.

Visit CHADD and ADDA to learn more about each of those organizations!

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A very special thank you to Yakini Ledisi not only for her incredible theme music, but for stepping in to save me last minute. Words can’t really describe how much you mean to me.