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S1 E3: Sunnie’s Special Announcement

Sunnie is our very special guest!

“It’s not easy being me, because I’m entirely not me yet. ‘Cause  I’m not really sure who I am, because becoming me is going to take a while. I’m transitioning. Not from one town to another, not from one job to another. I wish it was that easy. I’m transitioning from a woman to a man.” 

These are the vulnerable words Sunnie shares with us in the trailer for his new TV show, Thim, a show that chronicles Sunnie’s journey into life as a Black man. 

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a private screening of the pilot episode and I assure you, it is like nothing you have ever seen before. 

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About our Guest: Sunnie stars in THIM, a reality show about the journey of a Black man transitioning.

Sunnie wants you to check these things out!

I know you want to keep an eye out for Sunnie and his fantastic show, THIM. Follow him at these places:

Instagram: @Sunniedeelite

TikTok: @Sunniedeelitee


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