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S1 E2: Redefining Organization with Exhausted Mom Melanie

Exhausted Mom Melanie is our very special guest!

We hear the phrase “words mean things” often, and that is true in many places, but especially in the world of organization. What makes a person organized? What values are we attaching to that organization?

Exhausted Mom Melanie and I parse this topic for the first time PUBLICLY – we actually talk about organization all of the time by ourselves! Organizing with ADHD is so much different when you are able to do it your way!

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About our Guest: Exhausted Mom Melanie is a fantastic person to learn all things about organizing, being a mom, being an entrepreneur, and so much more! Learn more about Melanie!

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Exhausted Mom Melanie wants you to check these things out!

The infamous wallet/key organizer – Remember the key/wallet spot from the episode? That’s right here.

Closet sneak peek – Melanie is a MASTER of home renovation projects and she’s super generous with the deets. Enjoy this sneak peek!

Summer products – From the beautiful to the functional, Exhausted Mom Melanie does a little bit of everything.

We also mentioned BGLK’s bedside organizer and the eyeglass holder. Look at all the colors you can choose from!

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