Meet the “Life With Lost Keys” crew!

In order to put out a quality podcast, you have to have a good crew behind you. These things don’t happen in a vacuum, you need to have folks who support your creative vision.

When I’m creating anything, I want it to serve two purposes:

  1. To provide accurate information
  2. To serve the interests of the intended audience

Well, there’s also a third purpose: FUN.  I want it to be fun! I want it to be something I enjoy listening to. 

I promise you, the Life With Lost Keys Podcast will NOT bore you.  Here are the people who help make “Life with Lost Keys” what it is.

Meet the crew!

Yakini Ledisi | Music | Executive Producer

Every great podcast has fantastic music and we have a wonderful composer who ALSO is our executive producer! Here’s the brains behind our music!

René Brooks | Your Host

Yeah, I guess I get a block intro too. I’ll be hosting Life With Lost Keys!

Tiimo | Our fantastic sponsor!

Good content needs a great sponsor. I’m so glad Tiimo saw my vision and joined us on this journey!