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S1 E5: Life With Lost Keys LIVE!


I know I tell you all to Guard Your Yes from folks trying to talk you into things, but sometimes you HAVE to let your people drag you on an adventure. For this episode, I and some of my favorite ADHD friends – some of who you’ll recognize from previous episodes – sat down to record an episode LIVE after an event with ADDA. 

This was ALL Inger Shaye’s idea! Get to know her at

Shout out to all the people who came out to hang out, including:

Loucresie Rupert, MD 

Exhausted Mom Melanie

Evelyn Polk Green

Diane Laidlaw

This episode of Life With Lost Keys was recorded as an after-party to an ADDA event! ADDA is an organization that helps adults with ADHD. To learn more about ADDA, please visit their website at

Life With Lost Keys is proudly sponsored by Tiimo app. Tiimo makes time and your to-do list visual. It was designed by and for ADHDers. Go to your app store and type t-i-i-m-o to learn more.

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