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Hijab Pt II: Does it come bulletproof?

The Hijab really brings out the reactions in people. Two people I love and trust today asked me if I was aware that I could be shot for wearing it… of course my answer was yes, but I could see they weren’t satisfied with it. They wanted to know why I would risk myself for…

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10 Random hijab thoughts

Ok, so like any life change, getting accustomed to wearing the hijab presents its own scenarios and challenges. Here are some of the thoughts that have been floating through my mind so far. If you’re wondering what’s up with the hijab and why I’m wearing it, go here. 1. “Darn, I gotta go outside. Where…

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Hijab: The Unpopularity of Modesty Part I

New me, same Hijab In 1963, Alex Haley’s agent connected him with a publisher who had read his interview with Malcolm X, and wanted Haley to write an entire autobiography on the firebrand minister. As Haley would later recount in his now-famous epilogue, their first month of work was hard going; with Malcolm spending several…

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