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Undisclosed Recap Ep 3, Part I

Part II is now available! Keep reading! Those of you who have twisted this never ending rubix cube we know as the Serial Podcast are getting some big questions answered. When something new happens, you probably feel the same way I do: Doesn’t it seem like there are never enough people to talk about Serial…

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Tolerance is Intolerable

I wrote this to express my annoyance at some of the drivel I have been subjected to since the riots in Baltimore, but black people are not the only people who are subjected to these people. Sub in any disenfranchised class of your choice for black; you’ll find it still holds true.  I’m a tolerant…

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Condemnation – Not all Truth Hurts

Do We Focus On Negativity? Humanity has a lot to say about negativity. We encourage people to “keep it real,” but often the reality is that we equate “real” with negative attributes. We like to dissect and criticize those in our cipher, we call it truth, and it hurts people so we think we are…

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3 Ways ADHD Coaching Can Help

ADHD Coaching? What the heck is that? Are they like a life coach? Let me give you a quick overview. ADHD Coaching is working with an individual who helps you to manage your ADHD and work on developing your skills to meet your goals. 1. In ADHD Coaching your goals are clearly defined. One of…

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