Jennie Hatcher Friedman is one of my very favorite people, and she was kind enough to allow me to flesh out an idea that developed because of a conversation we had on  See in ADHD Talk Radio.  We found ourselves talking about a very bizarre bad habit that ADHD people have: we know we have a disorder, yet we constantly compare ourselves to standards held up for neurotypical people. You can read about that in the article ADHD and Inadequacy: Four Comparisons Holding You back

Full disclosure: I don’t ONLY love Jennie because she published my article; however it doesn’t hurt her chances and I TOTALLY wouldn’t mind if anyone decides to attempt to curry favor with me by publishing my work. As the saying goes, don’t threaten me with a good time

The thing I love about Jennie and See in ADHD is that she does a better job than anyone else I have met of explaining to neurotypical folks what this disorder means. She recently wrote an article for ADHD Rollercoaster titled “When Your Parent Has ADHD—And You Don’t,” in which she shared her experience growing up as the non-ADHD child of an ADHD parent. It is brilliant work, and a very much needed perspective. In life, we have two choices:  understand each other and work together, or to isolate ourselves. We need to look out for each other, and I really appreciate this lady’s commitment to spreading awareness about the disorder!

You can find Jennie in many places, she is literally EVERYWHERE online. Catch her on Twitter, on Facebook both on the See in ADHD page, and the Facebook group of the same name. I would totally link all the other places you can find her, but it is 3oclock in the morning. I woke up to use the bathroom and ended up writing an article about Jennie that even she has no idea I wrote. Welcome to ADHD; put your glasses on and prepare to see in it. 

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P. S. Not only is Jennie all the aforementioned things, she is also a marvelous ADHD coach. I know because she coaches my husband and I can see a huge difference in him! For those of you who would like to chase her around the Internet a la Carmen Sandiego, the best place to find ALL the info is to start at her website: See in ADHD