My husband and I had dinner with our friends a few weeks ago. They’re Catholic, we are Protestant; however my Mother’s family is Catholic, and I was baptized Catholic so I believe that makes me a hybrid ( a Cathlipro? A pro catholic? A Catholic under protest? Anyway . . .). Anyway, we were discussing the things we feel Evangelist Christians could stand to learn from Catholics. One of the points I offered is this: “The Catholic Church still has practices in place that make you aware of the sacredness of the Lord; sometimes we evangelical types are too familiar with God. It’s like being an adult and becoming too familiar with your parent, then you cross a line and they must remind you that they are still your parent. After all, God is not JUST a friend to us. He is our God.”

There is something about covering your head that just feels like an acknowledgement of submission to the creator; it transcends even the modesty factor for me. It is akin to the feeling I get in church when we praise the Lord in preparation for service. Having on my hijab while praying for me connects me to that spiritual realm more quickly somehow.

Am I saying that women who do not cover their heads have no access to this realm? Hardly. What I am saying is that there is something to be said for a physical reminder of a spiritual point. Whether it is a set of rosary beads, a cross, a painting, or a hijab, anything that helps one become closer to the Lord is a good thing. Maybe hijab CAN help make me a better Christian.

What do you think enables you to connect with your spiritual side? Is it a place you go to, a time you set aside, or just a place in the corner of your mind? Please share it in the comments!

Until next time,