There is no telling what thoughts will float through your mind in the course of a day. Of course with me, my thoughts trend a little more towards the random. I’ve come to be at peace with it. Which reminds me! A lot of you have reached out on Facebook, on Twitter, in the comments at the ends of posts saying you want to get involved, and how does one tie hijab, and what kind of scarves to use.  Helpful creature that I am, I added a hijab board to the Black Girl, Lost Keys Pinterest page. Head on over and follow us!  

1. “If my Pastor asks me why I’m wearing hijab, I’m going to tell him I joined the Nation of Islam.”

2. “I wonder if anyone is going to ask me if I have any bean pies?”

3. ” This is going to be easy to tie, look how the girl in the picture did it!”

4. ” (45 minutes later) I’m exhausted and it STILL doesn’t look like the picture”

5. “You mean all this time I’ve been trying to get these things to stay on their own and these chicks had pins?!?”

6. “I’m tying this one more time, if it doesn’t work– I’m not leaving the house.”

7. “Condescending looks from the old women in Costco are doing nothing to improve my mood.”

8. “This is really becoming the elephant in the room for some folks, isn’t it?”

9. “Now besides scarves, I must get brooches. So pretty!”

10. “I think people are secretly wondering if I have a black eye under these sunglasses.”