This is going even better than I thought it would!


Random thoughts on wearing hijab, or anything else for that matter, are a lot of fun to share. Wearing the hijab, however was not a random decision. For more information about the whys and wherefores of me wearing this, just take a look in the intermission section. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

  1. “People tend to be a little more gracious to me or ignore me completely. The ones who are more polite seem a little afraid, as if I’m going to blow the space up any second. The ones who pointedly ignore me steal little glances at me and markedly pretend not to be keeping an eye on every move I make.”
  2. “People seem surprised when they hear me speak, as though they are expecting an accent of any kind.”
  3. “This couldn’t be possible, but somehow I think I’m becoming more outspoken or wilder. This would mean I might as well superglue my foot in my mouth.”
  4. “Some people go out of their way to be more kind because they too can feel the hatred of the other people. Those people rule.”
  5. “My dogs ONLY want to go out once I’ve sat down taken a deep breath and pulled off my hijab. “
  6. “Scarves. I definitely need more scarves.”
  7. If one more old man with a POW•MIA hat on looks at me like I’m a subhuman, I’m going to talk back to him. Oh wait, don’t those guys usually carry guns too?”
  8. “Some people are cloyingly, condescendingly nice. “
  9. “I wonder what they will say about this in church?”
  10. “Does anyone ever ask, ‘Do I look fat in this hijab?'”

Keep following, more on the hijab experience is coming, random or otherwise.  We have a whole month to see what happens. Hopefully these random thoughts bring a little laughter into your day.

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