That’s right, I HATE it.
I really tried this year, you guys.
If you follow me on Facebook, you may have even noticed I put up a Black History post, with a cute little Sidney Poitier picture. But then I remembered: I HATE black history month!

Now before you start calling me names and stuff, let me explain: I don’t hate Black History. I hate the idea that a group of people with a rich heritage who have overcome through 400+ years of oppression; who built a nation on their backs; who gave birth to the modern era of music through Jazz, Hip-Hop and Rock and Roll; who have influenced dance, medicine and science; created brilliant inventions and come up with hundreds of uses for something as mundane as a peanut could EVER be condensed into a month. Not any month mind you, but the shortest month of the entire year!

What if 30 days of Black History was recognized?Would people melt?

By day 31, would total anarchy ensue?
Would we FINALLY get our reparations?
Is that what happens??

I’m sorry, I don’t wait for the media, the educational system or the man to educate me. I start in January and I wrap up at 11:59 on December 31st. EVERY DAY is another day of Black History in my home. So take your backhanded compliment of giving me a month and save it for someone who wants the scraps you are throwing down. My people ate enough of them already.

Until next time,