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Hijab: more random thoughts

1. “I hugged someone in church and it started to slip, tried to fix it, but too late. I look like I’m melting”

2. “Baby hairs. Will not cooperate.”

3. “Must all the scarves be in the wash at once?”

4. “I’m stuck in the snow, great. So now instead of just glaring, I can get glares and points!”

5. “Man, I knew this dress and scarf would work together, I rule!”

6. “I wonder how I can incorporate this in every day life instead of just thirty days?”

7. “My stepdaughter’s reaction: oh yeah, I have a friend who wears that. I love her for not being phased.”

8. “Pins. Must get pins.”

9. “Omg I fear I’ve awakened a new fashion craving. Hide the money!”

10. “Double knots are my friends.”

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