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Hijab: Could Modesty be Sexy?

Modesty is sexy!

Girls walk down the street every day in various states of undress; apparently naked is the new black. Women somewhere along the line have gotten the idea that in order to be alluring, you have to show off all your offerings before anyone knows your name. I prefer to give it a little more mystery than that. Which brings me to my next point in this journey with the hijab: modesty leaves something to the imagination. Modesty allows some mystery to dangle out there. Mystery leads someone to want to know more about you. Modesty is sexy.

Yes yes, I know the point of the covering is to keep unwanted attention away, but hear me out: for someone to connect with you on the emotional/mental plane is more important than the physical. In the wise words of Judge Judy, “beauty fades, but dumb is forever.” There is something left to discover when this cloth leaves you shrouded in mystery.

I feel more confident in this hijab. Like there is a line here that says, “you might get some of me, but there is a part of me you can never touch.” Confidence is sexy.

Modesty doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful. According to, modesty means this:
regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress, etc. Being beautiful is so much more than what is outside of you. If the outside is distracting people from the inside, you might want to consider toning it down just a touch. ?Girls, don’t feel like you have to bare it all to be relevant and fashionable. If you want to show skin, that’s your prerogative. As for me, covering it up is upping my confidence quotient. I’m loving this hijab experiment and the experiences I’m having because of it more and more every day.

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2 thoughts on “Hijab: Could Modesty be Sexy?

  1. Ha, maybe you’ll become a full time hijabi?

    1. Thinking about it girl! I’m loving this!

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