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Getting the Best; Expecting the Worst


There are about 8 days left in my hijab journey, and I’m very happy about the experience. I’m glad I had a chance to walk in someone else’s shoes, I’m glad to have new revelation about humility, modesty and grace. One of the things that is amazing about this experience is that it has renewed just a little bit of my faith in humanity.

I expected to be ostracized, I expected to be shunned. In some ways that happened. The cold stares of people when I went out in public definitely were not imagined. What stood out to me was more that people seemed to ignore me if anything else. I had been warned of this by a friend, who said that she “became invisible” when she began wearing the hijab. You literally become the elephant in the room.

How does this restore my faith in humanity? Well, the people who reached out one by one. The man who stopped to help my daughter and I when we were stuck in the snow; the woman who offered me a hijab from her own collection because she was so delighted to see me wearing hijab; a fellow FB friend who sent me a message of encouragement and articles regarding the topic of hijab; and the dozens of messages I received from supporters. The fact that someone trying to send a message of unity and love for her fellow man would garner any interest in a selfish society lets me know we aren’t as far gone as I once believed. Thank you for delivering me from some of my cynicism.

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4 thoughts on “Getting the Best; Expecting the Worst

  1. My first time ever trying hijab was one I will always remember.

    1. It’s really a beautiful experience, isn’t it??

      1. It really was. I was surprised. That wasn’t expected!

        1. ???? it’s great when the surprise is positive, isn’t it?

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