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Could Hijab Make a Better Christian?

My husband and I had dinner with our friends a few weeks ago. They’re Catholic, we are Protestant; however my?Mother’s family is Catholic, and I was baptized Catholic so I believe that makes me a hybrid ( a Cathlipro? A pro catholic? A Catholic under protest? Anyway . . .). Anyway, we were discussing the things we feel Evangelist Christians could stand to learn from Catholics. One of the points I offered is this: “The Catholic Church still has practices in place that make you aware of the sacredness of the Lord; sometimes we evangelical types are too familiar with God. It’s like being an adult and becoming too familiar with your parent, then you cross a line and they must remind you that they are still your parent. After all, God is not JUST a friend to us. He is our God.”

There is something about covering your head that just feels like an acknowledgement of submission to the creator; it transcends even the modesty factor for me. It is akin to the feeling I get in church when we praise the Lord in preparation for service. Having on my hijab while praying for me connects me to that spiritual realm more quickly somehow.

Am I saying that women who do not cover their heads have no access to this realm? Hardly. What I am saying is that there is something to be said for a physical reminder of a spiritual point. Whether it is a set of rosary beads, a cross, a painting, or a hijab, anything that helps one become closer to the Lord is a good thing. Maybe hijab CAN help make me a better Christian.

What do you think enables you to connect with your spiritual side? Is it a place you go to, a time you set aside, or just a place in the corner of your mind? Please share it in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Could Hijab Make a Better Christian?

  1. “…covering your head that just feels like an acknowledgement of submission to the creator; it transcends even the modesty factor …”

    And that, my dear, is the heart of it all. That is exactly why we wear hijab — it’s an act of submission to God. All of the other factors — modesty, a symbol of faith, cultural expression, and others — are byproducts. For me, my hijab is a symbol of my personal covenant with God. That is what makes it so difficult for us to be asked to remove it.

    That’s also why you see a majority of Muslim men with a head covering of some sort. Also, even if they don’t wear a covering on a daily basis, it’s expected that anyone who is publicly speaking on religion in any kind of sermon or lecture, will wear a head covering as a sign of submission.

    Now you’re reaching the places that you can only find by wearing hijab for an extended period of time, sister 🙂

    As an aside — I have a close friend who was raised in an Evangelical church, of the old-timey Evangelical flavor, with bluegrass music and three day wakes for the deceased (I attended one for her sister). She married a Catholic and converted. Among other things, she also became a fan of Andrew Greely books. We all lived near the Catholic church in my neighborhood. My house was literally steps from the church. Anyway, one of the things she said once has stuck with me for twenty years. One thing she loved about Catholicism was how regal and formal it is. She loves it all, from crossing with the holy water upon entering, to the ornate stained glass windows, the candles, everything. It’s just so different from her family’s white clapboard country church with wood floors and “amens & hallelujiahs,” but it suits her.

    1. That’s the part I love about it too. There is something to be said for formality in service. I think both have their time and place and a beauty all their own.

  2. I love the new look of the blog, so much brighter and cleaner feeling. Easier for me to read, too.

    1. Thank you so much for that, Angela! We are working hard to make it a really wonderful experience for you all.

  3. I was brought up Catholic. 10 commandments and all. Sadly, I grew to dislike the Catholic religion (not the point here Johannah). My friend invited me to her Christmas Eve Church event this past year and I really enjoyed it and I’ve been trying to go every Sunday (when I don’t have to work). It has brought me to a better place in my life and I love going. I feel there is some differences between the Catholic religion and Christian. And maybe this is the change I needed to get closer to Jesus. I still feel like a fish out of water sometimes when they mention stories in the bible that I don’t remember. But I think it is the step in the right direction For me I think.

  4. You ask an important question, one I too have been wondering. Last Sunday I wore a hijab to church for the first time. It was a big step for me.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the piece, humility is so important and I found that hijab helped me to not feel so distracted by my appearance.

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