Pay for Black People’s Coaching or STOP BEING SELF RIGHTEOUS

For 9 years I’ve been on the Internet teaching people about Black people with ADHD, a job I really love. Except it pays in peanuts. That’s right, even though I’ve been featured in NYT, Washington Post, TODAY, and more, I never ever make what the white creators make, even when they’re not doing anything that much different than what I’m doing.

SO, I’ve decided after educating the Internet for free, and making a HUGE profit for social media companies, that my time would be better spent in service of the Black people I came to social to meet. Now we begin the real work.

Through BGLK’s new Givecoach program, I will coach ANY Black person for free regardless of income – and if you think that’s setting me up to be taken advantage of, I have ALREADY been taken advantage of by being WOEFULLY underpaid. And if you think that’s a problem, you can pay for the coaching. Go to to donate gift certificates to pay for Black people’s coaching.

How will you know if they’re really getting coaching?

Well, first of all, ask yourself why that’s any of your business when YOU have probably benefitted from me for free too. And that’s ok, I wanted you to benefit from the things I offer for free.

What has happened instead is that the Internet has repeatedly called me a grifter and a scammer for helping people even though we know for a fact no Black person could ever exist nearly 10 years on the Internet if they were a scammer.

So the time has come to put your money where your mouth is.

Pay up or stop harassing me. Either way, Black people are going to get what I came to give them.

Not one person has paid for a single coaching session since I left social yesterday, by the way. 51 people are in queue. I begin on Monday.

In the meantime, if you are a Black person who needs free coaching, head to to be added to the queue.

If anyone non-Black applies (they always do, even when I ask them not to) I will blast you on the Internet and you will wish you had not done that. There is a wealth of free resources I have poured into the Internet, and you are welcome to keep them all.

I just want to help Black people (and whoever else needs the help) in peace.

Ya’ll talk a lot of shit on the Internet about how you support Black causes. You put BLM in your profile. You steal AAVE, and you pretend to be down for the cause. But 51 people waited on coaching yesterday, and got NOT EVEN ONE session scheduled. And this after you pay me in platitudes and pats on the back.

Fortunately, I always planned to coach them anyway. The entire premise of BGLK was built on how ya’ll like to talk shit about how you help but you don’t help really. And so as usual, Black people have to help Black people. But there’s still a way: Here’s your chance to bring your much bragged about morals into alignment for once.

Here’s how to support with a one time payment that will go towards a coaching session for a Black person. Black people have less access to coaching and they are finally going to get some coaching.

If you’re a Black ADHD coach and you’d like to get involved, come holler at me –

If you all harass me over this (you always do) I will merely blast your shit on the Internet. After all, I left. I don’t have to see your mean spirited commentary or have my privacy invaded for your benefit anymore. So don’t try to confront me: Pay for Black people’s coaching or go away at this point.

To help with Coaching, please head to – all that money goes directly to coaching Black people.

If you’d like to support BGLK and pay me for damn near a decade worth of quality content, you can head to the listing below or subscribe to the BGLK Patreon where I’ll be hanging out and spreading my sunshine with the people who REALLY value my work. And before you go getting self righteous again, my issue is and has always been with the people who CAN pay who DON’T pay but also never shut up about how much they help.

If you’d like to share on social (another wonderful way to support) please do so with the following image and caption (please remember to alt text):

Sample text: If every BGLK fan donated 1 dollar René Brooks would coach Black people for free the rest of the year. But since they won’t support, she’s staying away and coaching me. If you got next, head to to reserve your spot on the waiting list.

Alternative text: René Brooks is staying off social so she has energy to coach the Black people she came to social to help. If you got next, head to to reserve your spot on the waiting list

Until next time,