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People with ADHD have a constant craving for stimulation. Longtime readers of BGLK know how much I love true crime podcasts: have you read the posts I wrote about Serial? Nothing leaves your heart racing like true crime. So often you think you know what is happening, and before you know it you find out that you are very, very wrong. There?s something gripping about serial killers, kidnappings, and whodunits that leaves me on the edge of my seat. The problem is since Serial ended ( and BTW — Can we #FreeAdnan already??) I have been looking for another true crime podcast – besides my favorite Sword and Scale – to really capture my heart. Enter the LA Times, and their new podcast masterpiece, Dirty John. Dirty John is dangerous, and he is not for the faint of heart.

Debbie lives a fairly average life, she went from being a struggling single mom to building a comfortable living for herself as an interior designer. She?s surrounded by family and children, but one thing is missing to make her life complete: love. She bounces from relationship to relationship, never seeming to find anyone who will treat her well. The guys she ends up with are often either critical of her, or merely want her for her hard-won success. Enter John Meehan. He sweeps her off her feet quickly, but her children, accustomed to the kind of guys their mother is into know that something just isn?t right. Like Romeo and Juliet, that opposition only drives the couple closer together. Before you know it, Debbie and her family are on a rollercoaster ride that you have to hear to believe.

Running alongside the adrenaline raising twists and turns is the subject of narcissistic abuse. If you aren?t familiar with the term, you are about to learn. Narcissists are cunning, charming, dangerous people. They will suck you into their web with their charm and flattery, and before you realize what is happening, they will suck you dry, discard you, and leave you reeling as they move on to their next unwitting victim. Having fallen victim to a narcissist myself, it wasn?t difficult to understand and empathize with Debbie as she watches her once peaceful life devolve into a hell where she is on the run for her own safety.

There are a lot of true crime podcasts floating around out there, but this one is special. As I listened, I gasped audibly in shock at the lengths this man would go to in order to claim what he saw ass his. Dirty John is more than true crime, it is your favorite Lifetime movie on a shot of espresso. Sound hard to believe? Take a listen for yourself.

Here at BGLK, we will be breaking down each episode and highlighting the red flags, wrong turns, and shockers of each episode in this tale of lust, torment, and greed. You may find yourself incredulous at some points in the story, unable to believe your ears. Remember: the truth is always stranger than fiction. I can?t wait to dig into this with you.

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