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Awkwardly Amorous Episode 4: Clean Cars

Awkwardly Amorous Episode 4: Independent Women Like Clean Cars Too!

I’m not really sure why the two have to be seen as mutually exclusive. Ladies? Fellas? Can we talk? Really?
I mean, my car gets dirty. I get In the car to run errands, pick people up, go places and other than that it just kinda doesn’t exist in my mind. Like in the sense that the car only exists when I’m using it. So umm I need a man to wash my car. And lift heavy stuff. God forbid, can he fix things? Last dude I had to show how to change a tire. It was awkward. Not amorous, just awkward. 

Here’s why I can be independent and still let you do traditional guy stuff. A relationship is not independent, it is interdependent. Meaning I do stuff for you, you do stuff for me. Sometimes it’s even, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes I need stuff. Sometimes you need stuff. It’s a helping kind of thing. One person should not be over helping the other. If I have to babysit, coddle, and raise you, you’ve reached the wrong inbox. You meant to call your mother. 

That said, I’ll proofread your posts, make sure you have food to eat, help clean up after you (as long as you’re not ridiculously messy), and other stuff that you’ll enjoy. What I really really want? I want you to clean out my car, lift heavy stuff and fix stuff. Oh, there’s other things too, but that’s a whole new post. 

Awkward As Always, 


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