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Awkwardly Amorous Episode 2

Episode 2: A Gentleman is a Patient Wolf

Bestie sent me this meme the other day and immediately I thought: this is the first thing we have to cover.

You can’t build anything on a shaky foundation. If the person isn’t cool from the start, what’s the point of proceeding? There’s so much to unpack around this whole idea.
For starters, find me a woman who doesn’t enjoy being preyed upon by someone she has full intentions of allowing to catch her. That’s not playing hard to get, that’s the subtle art of flirtation (which we’ve already established I may be too awkward for). By the time anyone is “caught”, one might say the lady was just as much a wolf as the gentleman.
This led us to another question: what on earth is unique about a gentleman? What makes him stand out from the rest of the pack? Don’t worry, we made a list – because ADHD.
1. Keeps his word – This should be self-explanatory. If he says he’s going to do something and doesn’t, he’s not going to improve with time.
2. Has a goal and a back up plan – Nobody is saying you have to know the whole plan, but let’s not even go there with somebody directionless.
3. Has clear standards – He needs to have clear standards for his life so you don’t have to be confused about what to expect.
4. Courtesy and kindness are not weaknesses to him – There are plenty of men in the world who think those qualities diminish them.  If you date someone who thinks it’s shameful in some way to be nice to a fellow-creature, you’re dating an asshole, not a gentleman. Know the difference.


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