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Winter Blues Got You Like . . .

Note from Ren?: I put out a call for guest posts a few weeks ago because I know you all have important stories to tell as well and I wanted you to have the opportunity to express it and share your wisdom with my readers. The first one to take me up on it was Lady J an old friend who has chosen to remain anonymous for her post. She has some FANTASTIC advice ?I hope you love it and as always please share the word with your friends!

Some of us HATE winter – Those people who really hate winter – have or will eventually move to Florida. But for those of us who don?t plan on leaving anytime soon are well, stuck. I hate it because of the dreaded winter blues.

Doctors say it?s because of lack of Vitamin D or sunlight. Some doctors call it Seasonal Affective Disorder. Let?s face it – once it gets COLD no one in their right minds wants to go outside or travel or anything. I am one of those people. The people who want to stay in their nice warm bed cuddling puppies and watching the world from my bedroom window.

Sadly work forces me to actually get out of bed. However, because of the cold I don?t do much else. Who?s with me?! You wake up, make your coffee (or in my case tea) take the dogs out and go to work and come home to snuggle in your warm home.

Different day – same routine.

It happens during the winter – don?t lie to yourself, you know it does. I KNOW it does, because I do it – and I?m sure there are a TON of you out there nodding your head.

This is when the winter blues can sneak in and get nasty. It can take your brain to a dark and bad place – IF you let it. I?m gonna give you a few pointers on how to make sure you don?t let the winter blues take over.

First Step – Drink Orange Juice (that has Vitamin D in it) or take a Vitamin D. Or if you?re really daring – go outside – you can get it from the sun, but with 13 degree temperatures, I?d recommend something else instead of possibly getting hypothermia. BRR! No thanks.
Second Step – Pick a Light Box. (Say, what?! ) Yes. You read that right- they now make what I call my happy light. I got mine off amazon for like 30 dollars and I find myself drawn to that room now like a moth to a flame? or light in this case. And it DOES help! I find myself not nearly as miserable during the winter and way more active getting stuff done instead of waiting. My husband says a daylight bulb would do the same thing and it?s cheaper. You could try that too if you want.

Third Step – Get outside – not outside outside – I mean do stuff that is outside your house – Events that go on in your city or town. Like local art shows, or a live theatre. GO do those things. Like for example there is this neat shop (Waldo?s & Company) in town that is doing a class on block printing or pinhole Photography. It?s inside, but it gets you outside at the same time. Plus you get to meet new people and possibly a fun new hobby. Find something you’re interested in and get out of the house.

Fourth Step – Turn off the News. I know! Crazy! But hear me out – what does the news focus on these days? Negative things – when was the last time you heard a whole hour or half hour of good things or happy things? Not very often and definitely not for an entire hour. Yes, those bad things might not affect you directly – but on a subconscious level it DOES.

Fifth and Final Step – Try something new. Try a new hobby or something you haven?t done before – and don?t give up on the first try. Benjamin Franklin didn?t come up with printing on his first try remember. This past year I tried drawing – I SUCK at drawing (funny considering I have a degree in it of sorts). But I?m awesome at tracing and water colors – so I grab a canvas, print out the image I want and turn my phone?s flash light on and tape the image to the back of the inside of the canvas and stick my phone under the canvas and trace away – and change things so It doesn?t look like I took it straight off the internet. Hey, I use my resources to get the results I want. It works. And I found I love doing it!

So go on try something new – what?s the worst that could happen?! Don?t tell yourself you can?t do something – just try to find resources that help you learn new things about yourself. Sometimes learning new things isn?t a bad thing.

Oh, so I lied.

There is one small thing I forgot.

I totally don?t follow this step at all. I mean I?m currently munching on white cheddar cheese puffs so obviously you don?t have to listen to me or anything however…avoid unhealthy foods or try to eat more healthy will help too. Welp, that?s my little advice for beating the winter blues!

Yours Truly,

Lady J.

P. S. From Ren? – Don’t forget to pin this post to your Pinterest board and thank you so much Lady J for your input. I have fallen way out of practice on taking good care of myself during the winter. I’ll be following these myself.?

Some of us HATE winter - Those people who really hate winter - have or will eventually move to Florida. I hate it because of the dreaded winter blues.Some of us HATE winter - Those people who really hate winter - have or will eventually move to Florida. I hate it because of the dreaded winter blues.Some of us HATE winter - Those people who really hate winter - have or will eventually move to Florida. I hate it because of the dreaded winter blues.


2 thoughts on “Winter Blues Got You Like . . .

  1. Thanks. I defiantly agree about the full spectrum light being as efficient in providing sunlight as the light box. It can be strange at first, but it does help. I also find Epsom salt baths do amazing things this time of the year and the added magnesium helps me sleep at night. Thanks for this list!!! Very helpful indeed!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I am so glad the post was helpful to you, I will be passing that along to our guest blogger!!

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