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The Lure of Newness

I know you all are accustomed to me telling you something, but this time I need someone to tell me something:

My mind is a graveyard of abandoned ideas. Not crummy ones, either; no these are brilliant and they mostly get thrown on the stack with the rest, collecting dust. Why? The quest for something new. 
I fall in love with a project, go at it with passion for months and then fall out of love to char the newest thing. How do we resolve this? What do you do to keep it going once the initial infatuation with the plan is gone?

This is where that need for stimulation really gets the best of me. Any suggestions, people? 

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4 thoughts on “The Lure of Newness

  1. I can relate to the “graveyard of abandoned ideas”. So well put. I noticed a few years ago that everytime I ran into someone at the grocery store that I hadn’t seen in awhile, they’d say “so what are you up to these days?!” with genuine curiosity and interest. I realized on further thought that it was because what I “was up to” was constantly changing. 😉

    I’ve been combining two things together to address this: 1) using hyperfocus to knock out as much of a new idea as humanly possible right in the beginning when I’m on fire for it 2) when I’m feeling a little bored with it, setting it down without guilt, getting out into nature and then picking it back up when it calls back to me and/or looking for a new motivation for continuing it.

    What gets me to start something can be the “newness” of it. What gets me to finish may be a “promise I make to myself ahead of time” or keeping in mind that another person may really enjoy the finished product.

    Have been a lurker on the blog for awhile, keep up the great work!

    1. Shaun I am SOOOOO late on this comment, I’m sorry I missed it! I have to try your technique because mine is crazy.

      1. No worries! Keep doing you. It’s awesome and people are listening 🙂

        1. I’m so glad! Please keep commenting. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself. Lol

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