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The Big Power of Little People

I’m not too proud to pick up wisdom, wherever it comes from. When you are fighting depression, ADHD, or even the basic everyday challenges of life, you can’t fear a creative approach. Fortunately, I have a crew who teaches me new things all the time: my kiddos. We’ll be in their classroom for a little while this week, you’ll be happy to hear what they have to say. First up is my nephew, Izaiah. 

When my nephew was born, a whole new part of my life began. Every right of passage is a good one in my book; it proves I’m still alive and growing (also, I got good genes so I’m not afraid of aging). 

For the majority of his four years, Izaiah has been the only child in a family of adults, which has had the effect of making him an old soul. He, like all kids, has a habit of sharing these philosophies that floor you with their wisdom and simplicity. Here’s some of the wisdom I have gleaned from my four-year-old philosopher:

1. Don’t stop learning- 

One day, Izaiah’s mommy asked him what he likes best about preschool, and he responded 

“Learning. Let’s learn more, there’s so much to do!” 

This is huge!

To a small boy, the world is filled with wonderful adventures and discoveries. We adults lose much of that in the daily onslaught of monotony. When was the last time we looked at our surroundings and wondered about anything? 
  My Shrimpie and Me 
Learning adds color to an otherwise dull life. It’s hard to feel dissatisfied when your imagination is  invigorated. Go out; take a class. Try a new dish. Read a book! There certainly IS so much to do. There are people who need what you have; find them and give it to them, whether it is a hug, a shoulder to cry on, or a wake up call. 

When you are a student of life, there will always be wonderful happenings.   

2. Know who can fix it – and don’t be afraid to call them. 

 On our way to get ice cream, Izaiah decided to file a complaint with my mother, his grandmother, who he affectionately (and repeatedly) calls Nanu. His mommy and I were teasing him, and he had enough, prompting this exchange:

Izaiah: Mommy and Aunt Nene are picking on me!

Mom/Nanu: why do I have to get involved?

Izaiah: Because you’re my Nanu, and Nanu’s get mixded in. 

Bad grammar aside, the boy was onto something. 

We have problems, but we either don’t have the solutions, or won’t act on the solution. 

We spend a lot of time and sleepless nights hashing problems over alone rather than asking for help. 

We are too embarrassed to admit we don’t have the solution, even though the problem seems like it should be simple.
The takeaway is this: if you know the right person for the job, call them. If you need a therapist, get one on the line. If it is time to go back to school, talk to a counselor. If you don’t know who to call, call a friend. 


Life isn’t as hard as we make it. Sometimes we  can’t see the simplicity of it all. I wish we could all be as wise as Izaiah. 

What do the little philosophers in your life have to say? Let me know in the comments!

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