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Sense? Who Expected Sense?!

Sense is something I used to have…


I’d like to thank WordPress (The software I use to create my blog), GoDaddy, who hosts my blog but cannot tell me how to use my WordPress software, and my editor, Catriona for creating this scenario in which I have completely lost my last bit of sense.

You see, I’m writing for people without ADHD as well as those with it.

Catriona seems to think that means the people who are reading my blog should be able to understand it. That’s cool, that is after all what I hired her for, to make sure that I haven’t completely lost my marbles and confused you all.

So Catriona came up with this great idea that I should separate Adnan from the ADHD.

Why would we do that?

Because then everything will make more sense. Not for me. But for those who aren’t accustomed to completely jumping topics at random.

Makes sense, right?

Here’s the problem: NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DO IT!!!!!

I literally have been working at this for a week.

I have not been posting and talking with you guys like I want to, and I’m getting ready to run away from home. I have since warned Catriona that when the hair by my temples is all gone, I’m coming for hers. She’s got nice spiral curls, just like I always wanted.

If you come to read, and all you see is a sign that says “Gone Fishing,” you will know what happened.

Don’t blame me, blame the people who expect things to make sense.


Until next time,


P.S. As you may or may not have noticed, the separation of post debacle has come to a close. We are up and running again with a beautiful toolbar that will take you to ADHD or ADNAN at will. HOORAY! Good idea, Catriona! WordPress, I don’t hate you anymore!

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