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Self care with Selfies!



I’ve read articles about how we millennials are obsessed with ourselves and how we don’t know how to socialize. I have heard how lazy we are and how we only stare at our phones. Has anyone writing these things ever thought we may be putting the technology to good use?

I’m going through some things right now. I won’t get specific; but it is a major life change. It isn’t necessarily what I would have wanted and I’m terribly sad about it at times. For someone like me, I have to be VERY careful at times like these. Even though my depression is currently (thankfully) in remission, I have to guard myself even in times of situational depression. If I don’t, it is a slippery slope back into land “I’ll never leave this couch again.” So when I began noticing that tendency to slip, I had to get something creative going to keep myself in practice. What better way for a self-absorbed millennial to monitor herself than with selfies?

I blew the dust off my sleeping Instagram account and began snapping a photograph everyday. When I don’t look presentable for a day, I make an extra effort to do better tomorrow. Self care is vital to maintaining your sanity when living with a mental illness. Not to mention, it is a great use of those smart phones, millennial.

I want YOU to join me! I’m attaching the “#selfcareselfiebglk” to the past and current selfies on Instagram @RoseyTrellis. Can’t wait to see you good-looking people!

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4 thoughts on “Self care with Selfies!

  1. I always feel guilty about taking selfies. It’s kind of strange now that I think about it. I’m not obsessed with selfies…I’m not narcissistic (at least not much ;-)). I guess it’s because I don’t want OTHER people to think I am that way. So silly. Thanks for guiding me through this little exercise.

    1. I always worry about that too, but they are going to think something awful about us anyway. Never mind them!

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