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Self-Care Stocking Stuffers That Cost $20 (Or Less!)

There is no time like Christmas to make people neglect their self-care. We get tired and beat up and we just don’t have the energy to take care of ourselves. This is completely normal but really sad. Don’t we deserve some of the red carpet treatment we’ll be rolling out for Santa? Here are some wonderful self-care stocking stuffers for you and your buddies that cost $20 or less!

Self-care ideas are always needed, probably because we are so reluctant to take care of ourselves. Self-care or self-destruct, there is no other option. s a mental health advocate, I am always extolling the virtues of putting yourself first and giving yourself what you need in order to feel better and all of that. That’s why people, especially people who take care of others, have to be careful. It is too easy to stretch yourself thin in some misguided attempt to be everything to everybody and before you know it you’re exhausted and angry, wondering how you got there. I get it, trust me. Now that we have learned that lesson, I wanted to share with you some of the things that I have been doing to get myself back out of that rut.

How to get out of your self-care rut

  • Stop feeling guilty about it

    I moved into a new apartment last year, and when I moved I needed a new mattress ( I got this one). I crashed on my own couch for months. Why? Because I felt guilty about spending the money on myself. That is how twisted in our thinking a lack of self-care can make us. It is ok to do good things for yourself, and show yourself some love. You can do all of the self-care in the world, but as long as you guilt-trip yourself about taking care of #1, it will never work.

  • Stop putting yourself last on your list

    In my world, there is always someone who I should be doing something for, and that somebody comes before me on my list. This is majorly unhealthy, and if you do this too, it is time to stop. You and your needs are not something that can be pushed into the corner of your mind until your to-do list is completed. That’s not how any of this works. When you push yourself aside and deny your needs, those needs will give you no rest. That’s when you start to see symptoms like worsening anxiety, depression, and irritability bubbling to the surface. You don’t deserve that, nobody does.

  • Do NOT listen to people who tell you to work harder when you need to slow down

    We are surrounded by people who are determined to make themselves sick by working themselves into an early grave. I know, because I am a reforming workaholic. I know that you want to take over the world, and I do too, but what you have to understand is that you cannot conquer the world while you are exhausted. You will have NOTHING left to give anyone else if you continue to wear yourself out. Instead, you’ll lean like the Tower of Pisa and eventually collapse. You don’t have time for that, so just do better.

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In my own quest to do better, I have been working little tools and treats into my own self-care ideas bank. Each one of them serves a purpose AND costs $20 or less because too much more than that trips my guilt trigger and doesn’t allow me to enjoy it. Here are some of the fantastic products that I have used (or intend to use) in order to keep myself well cared for and growing.

1. Show your hands some love

Last winter was bitterly cold in Pennsylvania, and it left my skin in really bad shape. I discovered this lotion one year when I was traveling for work, and it showed up as a sample in my room. I am now OBSESSED with Peter Thomas Roth’s Mega Rich Nourishing body lotion. I keep a bottle in my suitcase and one for home. It smells amazing, and keeps my skin super soft. You will absolutely love it!

2. Get into mindfulness

Mindfulness has been proven to help the ADHD mind. It isn’t always easy to remember to be mindful, but it is going to be majorly helpful to you if you try it. If you’re not sure what to do to become mindful, here are a few books to get you started – and while you’re at it, head over to Mindfully ADD to learn mindfulness from an ADHD perspective. After you’re done there, give this book on meditation for fidgety skeptics a try.

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3. A book for when you want to run away

I am a voracious reader, and “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” did not disappoint me. If you have ever wanted to escape the pressure of your life and run away, you will love this book too. Bernadette and her daughter teach us a lot about what life is like when things get a little TOO overwhelming.

4. A book to make you laugh

I love biting sarcastic humor, and David Sedaris is kinda a genius when it comes to that. For an extra treat, check out the audiobook version of “Me Talk Pretty One Day”, his sister joins him and does the funniest voices.

5. Learn how trauma affects you

If you follow the BGLK Facebook Page, you will see the Ted Talk that the author of this book gave. In The Deepest Well, the author discusses the long-term effects of childhood trauma and stress on our well being. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to free themselves from that cycle.

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6. Take a bubble bath

It is warm, it smells good, and with any luck, nobody will burst into the bathroom and interrupt you. Light some candles, take a bubble bath and ease your mind. Try this all-natural bubble bath from the honest company.

7. Write in a journal

Writing is very cathartic for a lot of us, and if you haven’t tried putting your thoughts into words before, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Get this awesome journal and give it a try!

8. Get a fresh set of makeup brushes

If you didn’t know, I created a FB group for black women with ADHD, called Unicorn Squad. It rocks and we have awesome discussions there – you can join us here. In the meantime, if you love makeup and unicorns, get yourself this adorable new set of brushes.

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9. Do some meal prep

If you have ADHD, sometimes you will forget to eat. If you do meal prep, you are running less of a risk of not eating. Give it a try!

10. Get a sound machine

When I am trying to relax, sometimes I need just a little background noise to help me. This sound machine can certainly help with providing that.

11. Freshen up your face

This stuff will leave your skin feeling as fresh and soft as a baby right out of the bath. I LOVE it. The enzymes in it melt away dead skin and leave you glowing.

12. Take your vitamins

Taking care of your body is so important, and a big part of that is getting your nutrients. If you’ve ever seen Death Becomes her, you know why taking care of your body is so important. If not, skip the pop culture reference, take your vitamins and behave.

13. Stay hydrated

If I haven’t forgotten to eat, I may have forgotten to drink. Keeping a bottle of smart water nearby saves me from certain death. The electrolytes help to make up for those times I forgot, right?

14. Move around

Managing our weight is a particular challenge for the tribe of ADHD women. Give these exercise bands a try. Not only will they help you tone muscle, but you can also snap them at people who annoy you.

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15. Get a diffuser

Pretty scents are a great way to help you get into relaxation mode. Bonus points if you include aromatherapy. Get yourself a diffuser and get yourself some essential oil goodness to relax.

16. Add some essential oils

Essential oils can relax, revive or energize you. They are not a cure-all, but I’ll take relief any way I can get it.

17. Release tired muscles

Stress and tension can leave you with a crick in the neck, just like 10,000 years in a genie bottle ( PLEASE tell me you got that movie reference). These little balls can help you to release the pain. I tried the miracle ball method for the first time years ago when working at a desk was giving me a terrible back and neck ache. Laying on these balls and using the deep breathing techniques can be a huge relief for the pain you’re in.


18. Stop giving a #@!&

This doesn’t need an explanation. If you stop giving your @)(#’s away, you will start feeling better. This book is ABSOLUTELY life changing.

Don’t let yourself go without the care you need. Pour into yourself the same way that you pour into others. You deserve it. While we’re at it, it is time for us to talk about how you’re talking to yourself. Our thoughts shape so much of our lives and the way that we behave. When we constantly give ourselves the message that we aren’t good enough, that we don’t matter or that we aren’t successful, our mental health suffers. When you’re ready to rid yourself of negative thought patterns, grab my book about reframing self-criticism! It is well under the budget at $10!

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Self-care gifts are so necessary to keep us focused on prioritizing ourselves, but they can quickly get expensive. Take care of yourself for $20 (or less)! Self-care gifts are so necessary to keep us focused on prioritizing ourselves, but they can quickly get expensive. Take care of yourself for $20 (or less)! Self-care gifts are so necessary to keep us focused on prioritizing ourselves, but they can quickly get expensive. Take care of yourself for $20 (or less)!

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