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No Holiday Planning: 10 Spontaneous Activities


I’ll say it again. No holiday planning. Some of us hate planning like Joan Crawford hated wire hangers.

I’m some of us.

I hate planning.

Holiday functions require planning.

I hate planning.

You see where I’m going with this, right?

As usual know,anybody can catch me with an attitude any given day of December. I don’t like it. I forget stuff, I lose stuff, I’m stressed. I’m guessing since you’re here you feel the same.

No holiday planning. We hate it like Smigol hated hobbits.

Here’s the thing: we?get stressed out for one reason. No, not because we’ll be single at the Christmas party. We are stressed because we want things to go well. That means we have to reduce our stress levels. So here’s 10 stress free Holiday Activities from me to you. That means I can cross you off my damn gift list if I ever find it.

1. Put on your favorite Christmas songs and rock out guilt free for an hour. No wrapping or?shopping, no baking. Just enjoy yourself.

2. Take a bubble bath. Unwind, darling. You have braved grocery stores, shopping malls and liquor stores. Stores have lines. Lines have people in them. Grouchy people are in lines. Let that negativity melt into the bubbles. This could get addictive.

3. Enjoy all of the lights. They’re pretty, right? Have you had a chance to take them in? Go for a quick walk around the neighborhood. Somebody’s wife nagged him within an inch of his life to make that happen. Admire his handiwork and forget your own for a while.

lumi?res scintillantes” by Brony1789 is licensed under CC BY-ND

4. People watch at the mall. People are hysterical when you’re just watching them. Go grab something from the food court and listen to the random stuff they say. You’ll laugh, I promise.

5. Watch someone else plan. It sounds crazy, but look at it this way: misery loves company. Not only will you feel better, you can also steal some of their strategy if it is better than yours.

6. Take a nap. No explanation needed. Take that nap, I’m POSITIVE that you need it.

No plan? ?No Problem!

7. Call somebody and vent. Tell them about your awful family, your bad ass kids, your annoying coworkers, and your slave driving boss. Let it out. Eat some candy too.

8. Fantasize about Spring. Why? No holidays!

Spring” by Moyan_Brenn is licensed under CC BY

9. For ?dog owners: Buy the dog?a stuffed Santa toy and watch your pooch rip Santa a new one, literally. ‘Tis the season!

10. Stress-eat and be merry. Give into that craving and eat up. Just try to let it be something you didn’t have to cook,ok?

Don’t you feel better already? Not a planned activity in the whole list. Now get back to your regularly scheduled holiday!

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