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New Year’s Resolution and Unnecessary Change

New Years Resolution and Unecessary ChangeNew Years Resolution and Unecessary ChangeNew Years Resolution and Unnecessary Change

So there is a little change. It’s 2017! We made it!

If I didn’t say it already, welcome to 2017. That year we don’t need to talk about is over, which is ALSO a welcome change. I’m going to kick the year off with a confession: I hate New Years resolutions.

Yes, really.

Honestly, truly.

I’m honestly, truly in love with Joanne the Scammer.


But I like promises.

So here’s my promise to you for 2017:

I’m going to continue to be me. I’ll be loud, messy, colorful. Probably I’ll say some things I regret (I’ll apologize, don’t worry).

There will be songs I’ll sing loudly, and new people to meet. I’ll probably get pissed off and go on at least 25 Facebook/Twitter rants. I’ll toe the line between loveable and obnoxious and lose my balance at least 20-30% of the time.

Hopefully you’ll love me anyway. Definitely I’ll still love me.

Let me tell you why I can say this so confidently. . . better yet, it’s a new year. We’re going to do something different:?This year I’m going to give you the steps I took to implement the strategies that are helpful to me.


Simplicity is the best policy!

Now I’m an ADHD girl, and I prefer things to be broken down simply.

I don’t want ten steps; I’ll get tangled up. We’ll keep it simple. If it can’t be done in 3 steps, I shouldn’t be doing it (or I should be breaking it down into smaller steps – more on that later)

Let’s take this from the top . . .


Here’s you how you can resolve to be fully you:


  1. Realize the only opinion of you that matters is yours: I know you have heard this before. Really think about with it me . . . If someone doesn’t accept you for whatever reason, and they leave your life, what have you lost? Most likely someone who was trying to adjust you to fit their standards. Or maybe someone who made you feel rejected or sad.
  2. Recognize what you want to change and plan a good time to change it: Who says you have to change January first? There are things about myself I still want to change, but the date on the calendar didn’t trigger me to notice that. I bet it is the same for you. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself right after the holidays. Remember how stressful those were? Maybe it isn’t a good idea to quit sugar when the thought of dealing with your friends and relatives in enclosed spaces still makes you want to binge eat (just a thought). Take some time to nurture yourself- give it a month. Then maybe you’ll be ready to go about the business of change.
  3. Keep your finger on the trigger – What initiated your desire for change? Is this something you want to change, or do you feel guilted/shamed/nagged into changing? When it’s time to bring about change, you can take off like a shot – but it has to be YOUR finger on the trigger.

This is going to be the smoothest transition into the new year ever. I promise.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution and Unnecessary Change

  1. What if we don’t make New Years resolutions but to read a set amount of books. that’s basically the only resolution I make.

    1. Totally acceptable!!

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