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Netflix Party Chrome Extension: The Tool To OBLITERATE Your Boredom

Netflix party

Netflix Party isn’t something I knew about before today but as soon as I heard about it, I HAD to come to tell you all. And by heard about it, I mean Courtney, my friend who runs World in Four Days , told me about it because she ALWAYS keeps me in the know. You should visit her blog because she’s AMAZING.

We’re stuck in the house, and that can suck. The kids are getting bored. You’re getting bored. There are only so many books to read or chores to do.

Enter the dopest chrome extension to EVER extend: Netflix Party.

I don’t get SUPER excited unless there’s something super exciting going on. This extension just opened up a new world of possibilities for people with disabilities that make it difficult for them to leave the house or people who are stuck in the house with small children. Or maybe you’re my fellow introvert and you know that being inside is where all the goodness is. Either way, this is SUPER exciting. Especially if you’re going to be home for a while.

What is Netflix Party?

Netflix Watch Party is a chrome extension that can make your movie night connect with your loved one’s movie night too – even if you’re far away! The chrome extension allows you to sync up a movie and watch it together with a private chat so you can all talk about the movie together while you watch!


Don’t worry, I brought a picture so you can see it. Yes, I know I have too many windows open, mind your business. See that bar over on the right-hand side? That’s your chat! Imagine the movie rolling completely in sync while you and a bunch of your friends roast it

Does Netflix Watch Party Cost Anything?

Nope, it’s completely free.

That’s right. Zero dollars.

Fun that costs you nothing.

Fun that you can have WITH YOUR FRIENDS from the comfort of your own home.

Suddenly being in the house got a lot more interesting, right?

Is Netflix Party easy to use?

As easy as can be. You head to the show you’re watching and hit the NP!

Next step, share the link with your peeps. Then get started watching! The chat window to your right is there to keep you all talking about the movie. If you’re anything like my friends, you’re going full Mystery Science Theater with it and laughing your asses off.

You can personalize your Netflix Party

If we don’t love anything else, we love being able to be unique. We love the ability to personalize things and the Netflix Party people did not disappoint. See those cute little icons? One of those can be yours.

I went with the Pizza because who DOESN’T want a pizza party??

Ideas for your Netflix Party

Ok, now you know that the extension exists.

The potential for fun nights is UNLIMITED.

No really, you can have a ton of fun with this in a lot of different ways with a lot of different people.

In fact, I’m so confident, I thought of some to bring along and share with you.

Have a phenomenal girl’s night in – in your own home

We all love a good girl’s night. There’s wine and bonding and talking about significant others and crying and more wine and snacks and all of that. But then inevitably someone has to drive home and the last thing you want is to put a crying drunk in the car. This made girl’s night safer and eliminated the need for pants. But seriously, if you want to gossip with your girls and have a great night without some of the fuss, Netflix Party is an easy and inexpensive way to do it!

Long-distance date night

Are you missing your sweetie but you’re not able to connect? Consider having a long-distance date night by watching a movie together. You can dress up, eat dinner “together” on zoom, then sit down to watch the main feature. Bonus points if you land on the right movie within the first three tries!

Office Bonding

This beats the hell out of the trust circle and all of those “introduce yourself” type exercises. If you want the people at the office to bond while everyone is working remotely, give them the option to have a movie night as an office and bring the whole family. You don’t have to all agree on pizza toppings for once in your life! The hatred of having to agree on pizza toppings is an experience we can all agree on.

The ultimate playdate

Have you been trying to get the kids together for a playdate but never seem to have the time? This is a great way to make it happen. Sit the kids down and put them in a chat together. INSTANT PLAYDATE!

Family night from coast to coast

Have you wanted to get your kids and your family member’s kids together but you just couldn’t figure out how? this could be the way to get it done. Consider coordinating a movie night with all of you together, and it is a great way for you to enjoy each other’s company without having to pause every five minutes because the kids won’t stop fighting – maybe.

Binge watch with your bestie

I don’t know about you and your bestie, but me and my best friend love nothing better than to take a day and lounge on the couch while eating awesome food and watching every single episode of something that is on the television

Planning the perfect Netflix Party – how to really share the experience

  • Eat the same snacks – even if you can’t be in the same room, you can coordinate your snack so you can feel united. We’re all bound together with food. Taco and TV night could be pretty awesome if you put your mind to it.
  • Wear matching tees – is it cheesy? Yes! But just because something is cheesy doesn’t mean that it cannot be fun, and you know that wearing matching pajamas while watching a movie with another family in matching pajamas has the potential to be REALLY hilarious.
  • Have a theme night– the binge-watch quotient can really go up here. Do you all love cooking shows? You can jump from Zumbo’s Just Desserts to the Great British Baking Show and back again with relative ease.

Easy way to connect even when you can’t be in the same room

There are times when no matter how much we want to be together, it just isn’t a possibility. When that happens we all look for new ways to form a connection and keep a sense of normalcy going. You may not have control over the future, but you can preserve a little bit of the status quo by having a simple movie night with the people you care about the most.

My ONE (mostly small) complaint

My one minuscule complaint about this chrome extension is you can’t get it to play nice with Chromecast. But beggars can’t be choosers and I’ll deal with it!

You’re invited to the BGLK Netflix Party!

I hope this extension brings you so much fun and joy over the next few weeks. Head to the chrome store to download the extension and get busy having fun.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be planning BGLK’s first Netflix Party. Look for the announcement by following BGLK’s Facebook or Twitter

Until next time (unless I’m busy bingeing),


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