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Imbalanced Relationships?

Crazy Making Behaviors

Relationships make me crazy. It’s the small realizations in life that sometimes make the biggest impact. Sometimes I over commit. I’m not talking about workload this time, I’m talking about people.

There is nothing that ties my stomach into knots and sends my thoughts racing like relationships. There’s no point in denying it: the slow response times, the lack of effort on the part of another person can make me lose my last bit of sanity. At this point in my life it has become unsustainable.

It’s important that we evaluate our lives for these drains on our time and our energy. This is as important to maintaining our mental health as the use of medication, exercise, or whatever treatment method you use. An imbalanced relationship, of any kind whether it is friendship, relative, business, or romantic will consume your thoughts.

Our minds and bodies crave balance, and for some of us we strive to carry the load of both parties on our own shoulders. Remember: you’re only one person, you’re not meant to do the work of two.
Take a step back from the situation and allow it to correct itself. Either the other party will meet you halfway, or you can walk away without reservation. You’ll know which one is best.

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