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Dreaming Again

One of the things no one tells you about ADHD , probably because they are too embarrassed to tell you, is that you begin to become pretty apathetic when it comes to yourself. Don’t get me wrong, you still enjoy your life in intervals, and you can still tolerate a good joke, but what changes is that you just don’t trust yourself to dream anymore. 

When you continuously fail to reach your goals, fail to complete tasks, and seemingly can’t remember anything, you start to feel hopeless. As you see your peers and others you admire going on adventures, conquering mountains and reaching milestones while you struggle to get started, you begin to  doubt yourself. The worst affect of untreated ADHD is the death of our desire to dream. Though we wish for more, lack of confidence keeps our feet planted. 
It has been a long time coming, but with the power of God, counseling, proper medication, and lots of love from those closest to me, I’m believing that I too can dream. If you think you are not fixable, think again. You’ve got to be brave to risk the pain that failure might bring, but if you stay where you are, your results are guaranteed. Don’t just stand there, bust a move!

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2 thoughts on “Dreaming Again

  1. Yes, well I could sure use some help with that! I am so LOST right now!

    1. It is so easy to feel that way. Don’t be scared to dream again, it can help you find your way back from being lost.

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