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Crochet Vegetables are Ruining My Life

Peeps, I have missed you. You are all my peeps because we have been together for almost a year. And I miss you because crochet (especially crochet vegetables) is ruining my life!


Ok, ok. I know that’s melodramatic. It’s really just putting a cramp on my blogging. But you know by now how hyperfocus works. Hyperfocus means that I have trouble concentrating on doing ANYTHING except what I am currently obsessively all-life-consumingly engulfed in. Annnnnnnd I have bills. . . (“You mean blogging doesn’t pay those?” “One day, one day.”). So I supplement my income by working really hard at my side biz, my Etsy store, Carpet Crochet — stupid name, long very stupid story; I’ll tell you when you’re older. Or maybe in another post

Anyway, for the past few months I’ve been slaving away at crochet and I have been totally preoccupied. For Halloween, a very adorable baby girl was featured on the front page of AOL in a hat I made her, which rocked! I have made headbands, hats, scarves galore and I have had not thirty seconds to even drop a line. I can, however, crochet an onion. And a potato. And a beet, and a radish. Isn’t that what’s really important, people?

I’m back, and crochet vegetables are ruining my life, because they also come with a deadline. Deadlines also ruin my life. Buuuuuuuut the vegetable set is an awesome toy set I’m making for an awesome kid. Check out this cabbage! And carrots! An Apple! I have one more week to wrap this project and then we will be back with our regularly scheduled posting.

What have you all been up to these past few months? I wanna see it in the comments!

Until next time (but not as long as last time),


3 thoughts on “Crochet Vegetables are Ruining My Life

  1. Wondering where you were and glad that you are still blogging when you can. I was worried about the crochet vegetables — how could I, a responsible vegan, not have heard of this new superfood? If I had not overthought the whole phrase and just taken it literally I could have saved myself five minutes.

    1. Hi Jena! I am back on the block; almost done with the pesky veggies and prepping for a holiday blog so us ADHD girls can get through it.

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