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CBD For ADHD: Amazing Results Or Misinformation?

CBD is the latest trendy cure-all. I'm open to alternative medication, but is CBD for ADHD something I want to try? Here's my experience with CBD for ADHD

CBD for ADHD is the latest health trend

“Have you tried CBD for ADHD?”

I have a love-hate relationship with health trends. Finding new solutions is great, but there’s that inevitable point in the solutions process where people begin to believe that one thing is the cure for all ailments, then they are off to the next thing. Those of us who have lived long enough can remember when eggs were considered unhealthy, now they’re a great source of protein. Remember when Ginko Biloba and green tea were all the rage?

Just like things that must go up must come down, things that are trendy will eventually die out, and you better hope you don’t have a garage full of the stuff or you won’t have room for the next big thing.

ADHD is a lot to manage

Receiving an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder diagnosis comes with a lot of information. Part of the information that you need to consider is what, if any, medications you want to treat your ADHD with. Stimulants work well for ADHD, but they are stigmatized. The majority of ADHD medications are controlled substances. People fear addiction and personality changes with stimulants. Because of this, alternative methods are often considered.

CBD is the latest trend in the round of alternative treatments for ADHD. I find myself feeling skeptical of most of these trends. They usually are not based on science, or they are expensive and have little payoff for a lot of effort. Despite my skepticism, I was very curious to see how CBD would work.

CBD oil is really hot right now. It is being touted as the cure for everything from chronic pain (ha, I said chronic) relief to a cancer cure. Much like the good substances that have come and gone before it, CBD oil is being touted as a cure-all. So naturally, recent converts to the method are constantly asking me “have you tried CBD for ADHD?” I have, and I’ll tell you about it in just a moment.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a substance that is extracted from the cannabis plant. As you know, cannabis has many medical uses. Medical marijuana programs have opened across the country. There’s a wide range of conditions that are improved by the use of cannabis products. CBD is considered part of the reason it works so well.

CBD works with the systems in our bodies in the same way that cannabis does, meaning if you have a condition that cannabis is effective in reducing symptoms for, you’ll likely find that the symptoms are improved with CBD as well. Many people have used CBD products to help with chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, or insomnia.

Is it legal?

It seems that CBD falls into one of those legal grey areas. If you’re thinking of trying it, do a little research to find out what the specific laws for your state are. I live in a state where CBD is legal, readily available, and (due to its rising popularity) plentiful. Once you know that it is legal, you have to figure out what method you’ll be using to try CBD for your ADHD

How do I use CBD?

As CBD becomes more popular, so does its availability. CBD is available to be consumed in a variety of ways, from drinks and desserts to a tincture under your tongue. You can also use it in a vaporizer to “smoke” CBD. If you are using it for chronic pain, you can use CBD as a topical in ointments.

Your delivery method depends mainly on what you plan on using it for. In my opinion, if you are planning on using it for your ADHD, you likely want to go with a method that is discrete and transportable. There are gummies and tinctures that can be used subtly. I personally prefer to add it to a vaporizer and smoke it because the effects are more immediate.

What does the science say?

The science is cloudy when it comes to CBD for ADHD. Because it is related to cannabis, a substance long stigmatized, there has been a lack of research conducted. When there are few studies performed, it becomes difficult to tell if what you are experiencing is actual relief or a placebo effect. Here’s my take on it: do you. A study cannot run your life for you (although science is important and we can’t throw it out the window).

As long as you are not doing any damage to your body, I believe that you should use whatever is available to you in order to manage your condition. ADHD treatment sparks a great deal of debate and controversy for people. In my humble opinion, there is no right or wrong. There is what works for you, your body,  and the people who support you. If everyone who matters is satisfied, what the rest of us think is completely irrelevant.

How did it work for you?

I know you have been reading this article hoping to hear that I tried CBD for my ADHD and it was magic. You probably were hoping that I would say I’ve completely denounced stimulants and I am a full CBD convert complete with a product to market. I’m sorry I can’t give you that.

Truly, I wanted to LOVE the way CBD works for my ADHD. I don’t feel that way. I didn’t feel more focused. HOWEVER, I do want to say that I experienced tremendous relief for my anxiety with CBD and I believe when I have my anxiety under control it gives me much more able to help control my ADHD. So no, it didn’t help me focus or remove my distractibility. However, it DID make me less anxious, and that counts for something.

I am looking forward to the future of CBD. I use it almost daily to help me manage chronic (ha, did it again) pain, relieve my anxiety, and help me sleep. Overall, every single one of those symptoms has an effect on my focus and takes my attention away from more productive uses. So again, though it doesn’t attack my ADHD symptoms in the way I had hoped, the relief that it DOES give allows me to work harder on my ADHD. Anything that improves my mental health is a win.

So are you saying to try CBD?

That’s exactly what I’m saying. Give it a try. If using CBD works for you, I will be so grateful and excited for you. I want to hear a good report. If you find it is the magical substance you’ve been hoping for, leave me a comment. I will celebrate with you. There is no right or wrong way to treat ADHD. There is only what works best for you.

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CBD is the latest trendy cure-all. I'm open to alternative medication, but is CBD for ADHD something I want to try? Here's my experience with CBD for ADHD CBD is the latest trendy cure-all. I'm open to alternative medication, but is CBD for ADHD something I want to try? Here's my experience with CBD for ADHD CBD is the latest trendy cure-all. I'm open to alternative medication, but is CBD for ADHD something I want to try? Here's my experience with CBD for ADHD CBD is the latest trendy cure-all. I'm open to alternative medication, but is CBD for ADHD something I want to try? Here's my experience with CBD for ADHD

5 thoughts on “CBD For ADHD: Amazing Results Or Misinformation?

  1. Great share René!
    Interestingly, I have found that if I smoke CBD, it lessens my anxiety; however, if I take a capsule, I have mild heart flutters. For pain, the CBD topical ointment works great (the more expensive brands).
    Definitely all very individualized.
    Great post ?
    With gratitude.

    1. Thank you so much! CBD is SO helpful for my anxiety but that darned ADHD it does nothing for

  2. I have vaped and ingested CBD. Full spectrum gives me insane anxiety and mood swings. Broad spectrum feels like nothing happened.

    1. I hear you. It is helpful to me, but not with my ADHD

  3. I’ve been talking CBD supplements for a couple years now. It started off as a desperate bid for endometriosis pain relief as my only other viable option was opioids or stronger. Yeah, nope. It took a bit of experimentation, but I found a product & dosage that worked for me. It also seems to help reduce my chronic inflammation, which is huge.

    I suggested it for my Dad, who has degenerative disc disease & 4 spinal surgeries under his belt, along with whopping chronic pain. He’s now pain-free 95% of the time.

    I will definitely attest to CBD oil (I get mine in capsules) helping with pain, insomnia & inflammation. Sadly, it does nothing for my anxiety. I’ve tried marijuana since my state legalized it, but the THC actually made my ADHD symptoms & anxiety WORSE. It was absolute agony. Ugh.

    My one piece of advice about CBD: research products before buying. A decent manufacturer will have lab reports freely available through their web sites. Also, if it’s legal in your state, the dispensary people tend to be pretty knowledgeable & should give good advice.

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