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Black Neurodivergent Resources

Being Black and neurodivergent makes finding resources for information, support, and community that much more difficult. With a potential exodus from some of the major platforms, I thought it would be excellent for Black neurodivergent creators to have a resource where there’s a hub for them to be found. The algorithims often don’t favor our content. As a visible creator I wanted to be certain that our contributions don’t get lost in the scramble for new platforms.

This is a resource I will maintain as often as possible, if I make some type of error, kindly email me and I’ll gladly repair it. This resource will be maintained on my personal time, so please be patient. If you’d like to support the effort, you can do so on the Show BGLK Some Love! page.

 Sam Wise

An artist who creates digital art and miscellaneous content on several platforms. Sam also focuses on helping folks get their gofundme or wallets full for survival and thriving in this world via a “Pay It Forward” subpage! The website is

Black Queer Living

A Youtube channel that focuses on creating videos that teach basic life skills and center teaching them to queer people of color. Included will be dollar tree gadet making, dealing with toxic family, making music, avoiding surveillance, hardware hacking, and more. Visit the channel here:

Rach Idowu

Rach is from the U.K. and was diagnosed with ADHD Combined Type in 2020. Since then, she has been documenting her experiences adulting with ADHD in her newsletter, on social media and at in-person speaking events.


@AdultingADHD across socials 


ADHD traits flashcards:

Phaedra Easton

The creator of “Adventures in Voice Acting”  a peek behind the scenes of the life of a voice actor and what really happens behind the mic. You can reach Phaedra at the following places:

Loucresie Rupert, MD

Insightful Consultant is the name of Loucresie’s support services, which include:

  • personal coaching for neurodiverse teens and adults and parents of neurodiverse kids 
  • consultation for job and education accommodations
  • Anti-racism training for corporations 
  • Neurodiversity/ Disability  training for corporations 
  • Trauma informed training for corporations 
  • Speaking Engagements for Anti-racism, neurodiversity , disability , trauma , adoption and foster care 
  • Commissioned Writing on Anti-racism, disability , neurodiversity, trauma, adoption and foster care


I am an autistic trans freelance illustrator and character artist doing my best to break into the game concept industry. Currently also learning about making comics. All in all, I’m an illustrator that enjoys vibrant colours, creating worlds and telling the stories with black neurodivergent characters I want to hear.

Andre Roberts

Daily motivational videos. Positivity. Encouragement. Mental Health stories. AuDHD experiences

Instagram: Youtube:

Deidra Lawson

I share my thoughts on best practices in culturally relevant instruction, teacher development, mindful leadership, and empowering education spaces. My research and advocacy centers Black children , Black educators, and Black families

Instagram (@educatingwhileblack)
Blog (
Substack (

Taylor Jackson

My name is Taylor Jackson. I am a queer nonbinary artist based in Houston, Texas and I love communicating through personal illustrated portraits, 2D Animation, and Graphic Design. My pronouns are they/them. The mediums I choose to work with are; digital and traditional (pastel, pencil, colored pencil, and acrylic paint). I have been a digital artist for 5 years and a traditional artist for my entire life.

Jade Sparks

Autistic, black/indigenous, disabled creator focusing on creative disability advocacy.

Tiktok: @notgoinganywhere9


I speak about various issues especially the intersection between being Black, disabled and ND. I create content for my store that lets me express myself without shame.


Cosplay content (SFW and NSFW)

Olu Niyi-Awosusi

Ethics in tech, tech in general at times, and lifestyle stuff


NSFW Anti-Racist Training & Online Domination


Dr. Kat Stephens

Dr. Kat Stephens has created a new space to reflect on her experiences as an early career professor at the nexus of neurodivergence and race. Here, she highlights her past graduate school experiences and shares how she made it in her own way, on her own terms with ADHD in tow. Lastly, Dr. Stephens is excited to talk about her own research on Black women experiencing neurodivergent conditions.

Neuro_d_phd on IG & Twitter

This is a new space so please be patient with Dr. Stephens as she gets it going!


hi!! i’m binx (they/them), just an anime-loving enby and cozy variety streamer on twitch.

Briana Lewis

I make music content! I perform originals, very-oldies-but-goodies covers as well as some covers from this century.

Aisha West

I do copy edits, developmental edits, résumé and cover letter consulting. I’m also a copywriter with experience writing about the arts, wellness, and tech.

On Twitter @westeawest


Destinee Schriner

Tarot and astrology

Tiktok @winkchii

Sawyer Greene

Cosplay, voice acting, singing, dancing, acting, media analysis

@queerelfclub on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram

Dre Harrison

Motorsport written and podcast content

@Harrison101HD or @Motorsport_101 on Twitter


I write about astrology & offer guidance and advice to make practical use of it in the day to day via self-reflection & journal prompts. I give weekly updates, horoscopes, reiki sessions with new & full moons, alongside other energy work on Patreon. My website will have both astrology & some writing to help people figure out what their individual spiritual path looks like (regardless of religion or interest in astrology – practical ways to shift your mindset and make life more tolerable) (November launch)

Dale, the Data Obsessed Fat Guy On Youtube I chronicle my weight loss journey. So weigh-ins, status of my diet, workout updates and some general life/vlogging. Previously I used to post what I ate everyday on Instagram and Twitter. Now I post more of my personal thoughts along with interjections about my weight loss journey on Twitter. I’m not sure what to do about Instagram yet, but I may resume posting food and my food diary there. My TikTok has become random, but I plan to return it to being about carbonating things and drinking seltzer based, non-alcoholic drinks early next year.”


I am a digital artist who mainly focuses on video games. I’m also new to creating tiktoks (not much there yet), but I’d like to start making more content there. I also plan on making a Twitch account soon! @crocodilepot on Twitter and Instagram and @eggsystential on tiktok I’m an ftm trans man and I love reptiles!

Ash Bee

I’m Ash! 32 years old she/they. I’m a photographer, Twitch streamer, and OF adult content creator! I like wholesome cute Nintendo games, 2000s pop culture and music, crocheting stuffed animals, and smoking lots of weed. I often discuss my experience being Autistic and having ADHD, as well as sharing my genderqueer, bisexual and polyamorous experience.

I am my own special interest.


My IG feed is dedicated to my colorful, inspired makeup creations! I also post nail polish content, vegan food reviews and anti oppression information on my stories. My DMs are open if anyone wants to chat!

Instagram @celesexuall

Mira (she/they)

Mira is a Black, queer, ND, and disabled full-time content creator based on the East Coast. Their passion for gaming was ignited early on, and her first taste of gaming was on her sister’s Sega Genesis. Though you’ll see a variety of content on her channel, Mira is especially fond of story based, simulation, and indie games. Mira steadily works to cultivate a community that values the importance of racial equity, lgbtqia2+ rights, accessibility, inclusivity, and more. As a result, their community has raised just over $5000 for a host of different charities.

Mopelola Gloria Fagbemi

ADHD Coaching. Create content that spreads awareness on adhd and anxiety. helps young people and adult grow , plan organize and develop well.

Loving The Work You Do Podcast and YouTube

she loves good things center on instagram and Facebook

Leah Nicole

This is a seasonal podcast where the two hosts, Dani & Leah, discuss Black spirituality, hot topics, and Southern culture.


I make fashion (makeup and costumes) and Disney themed content, and am entering the world of gaming!

tiktok: phinphenomenon and sockfleecy
instagram: princexphineas
twitch: sockfleecy


Variety streamer who also reads bedtime stories

Denarii Grace (she/they – mix it up!)

I’m a blues singer-songwriter, poet, essayist, orator/public speaker, and community/political educator. I create songs (not just the blues, also looooots of adult [not in the explicit sense] oriented pop as well as R&B and jazz influenced), poems, essays, and speeches about various topics. I also create and facilitate workshops that often focus on fat liberation, disability, bi+/mspec identity and community issues, and Blackness with intersections with both one another AND other identity groups (gender, class, color, etc.).


I currently make memes, but I’m an artist (painter and graphic designer), next path is going to be YouTube where I hope to cover a variety of topics (mostly social media based).

Torrian Timms

Creator of Sistas with ADHD. Sistas with ADHD is a unique safe space for women to with ADHD (or their loved ones) to learn about the condition, release shame around the symptoms, and discover accommodations to support their ADHD journey! Our content is centered around Black womens experiences.

Sistas with ADHD-

Torrian –

Kickin it with ADHD

I create fun/ relatable content i.e. posts, stories, reels and tweets to bring awareness to Black women with ADHD and to end the stigma with women with ADHD.

Both Twitter and Instagram: @kickinitwithadhd

Joseph Gitau

Hi, I’m an author, blogger, indie dev and content creator. I create blogs talking about my experiences with ADHD, while also documenting my development and writing journey. I also make Let’s Plays and talk about how different games plots are relevant in real life

I have a book out, my first novella, and I’m currently working on my second one alongside my game and animation project


Gaming and lifestyle content as well as written pieces on disability, neurodivergence, beauty, pop culture and more

Salem Void

I create queer trans, Black centered horror writing and Weird fiction, poetry, analytical and review essays . Zines , digital art & photography, film writing, editing and photography of all genres and styles.

I am a fat, trans (masculine), intersex, disabled person who also offers advice or sensitivity reading/editing for any of the aforementioned things.

Brandy Morris

I share art and thoughts in hopes of doing my part to normal difference and bring a bit of ease and comfort to your week.



I create many things. The most developed of my things online is my blog. More content coming next year hopefully!


Artist, writer, ttrpg content creator and performer, musically trained

JaniePotts7575 on Twitter and twitch


Disability fashion

Instagram @donutclown
Twitter @clowndonut

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