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Benefits of Body Doubling

Many of us have heard of body doubling but are unsure of what it is exactly or if it could work for us. Body doubling can be a wonderful tool to increase your productivity and make work a little less frustrating for you. What is it, you ask? Body doubling is assembling with a person or a group of persons either in person or online to work on the activity of your choice. The work you’re doing can be exactly the same or completely unrelated. There isn’t a lot of research on why it works the way that it does unfortunately, but many people agree that it works very well for them. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of body doubling!


People are frequently looking for accountability and the beautiful part of body doubling is that it is accountability in real time. When you sit down with your group most of them begin by asking what activity you intend to complete while the session is working. That means you’ll have folks working side by side with you and you’ll be reporting in at the end of the work period to explain whether you got the activity done or not. Just knowing there are people working alongside you can be a powerful tool to get the job done for many of us. Being able to report a job well done is that much more motivation for you to sit down for a body doubling session.


One of the main things I hear from my coaching clients is how they need structure in their lives. Have no fear, there is structure right here! Body doubling sessions are typically structured so that everyone reports in on what they are working on at the beginning before starting to work side by side for a period of time before checking back in again to report on progress and begin again. There is often a set meeting time (if you use a service like Focusmates you can choose your own time) so that you will always be there to begin your work in this structured environment. You and your body doubling buddies can determine the level of structure from there. Some groups prefer cameras on and some like off. Some allow chatting back and forth between members and others have silence during work times. Choose the space with the structure you prefer or grab a few friends and start your own.

Company while you work

Sometimes you just need a friend with you while you work. Especially for those of us who are working from home, things can get a bit lonely. Body doubling gives you the feel of having coworkers around you all working on a project of their own. For me, this is my favorite part of body doubling. I like seeing everyone else and learning about what they’re working on as well before we get down to work. The company while you work is a comfort to me and I find myself excited to show everyone else the progress that I have made and hear about their progress too.

Body doubling may not work for everyone but for the people it does work for it is an incredible tool that can make a huge difference in your work load. Find yourself a group that body doubles and give it a try to see if it is the right tool for you. You’re going to love the company, the structure and the accountability that body doubling helps establish.

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